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Scott Frost at B1G Media Days: Nine Interesting Tidbits and a Clarification I Would Like

I find Big Ten media days (well all media days) loathsome, but here are some items from Frost’s press conference I found interesting

2022 Big Ten Conference Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Well there weren’t a lot of smiles from Scott Frost for Big Ten Media Days.

That’s what happens when you are 15 - 29.

It was generally my favorite approach from Frost at this annual event.

There is a large part of me that generally despises what happens with these events. Members of the media will take a quote here or there and tweet it out with something like “this is notable.” That or something like it.

Is it really notable? Is Frost trying to teach you something that we already didn’t know or assume to know?


Maybe I’m fighting the Kool-Aid so much that I’m hating the constant analysis of this program and every little word that comes or doesn’t come out of Memorial Stadium.

With that said...HEY IT’S BIG TEN MEDIA DAYS! Here are some of my thoughts on what was notable from head coach Scott Frost during his appearance in front of the media.

  1. Let’s start with Ochaun Mathis. Frost mentioned that it might have taken Mathis a bit of an adjustment period to get used to the strength and conditioning program. Maybe moving from the Big 12 to the Big Ten will do that but that doesn’t always equal wins. Still, I’m glad he’s here.
  2. Speaking of Mathis. Frost mentioned that the new “edge” position actually might be the strongest position group on the team. They were excited to add Mathis to Garrett Nelson and Caleb Tannor. Then he said that Jimari Butler and Blaise Gunnerson have made huge strides. If this group is truly one of the strongest on the team then that should be a great thing for the pass rush.
  3. Frost as CEO. So Frost made some comments pushing back the idea of being a figurehead of the team and not actually involved. Then came the expected, OH NO, HE’S GOING TO RUIN MARK WHIPPLE. No. I think Frost is going to be a part of the offensive meetings and will give his thoughts regarding game plan and all of that but it is still Whipple’s offense to run. I think that’s the way we should want it.
  4. Frost said he was working with Chubba Purdy on throwing mechanics. Do we want this? This is a joke. I think.
  5. The dreaded “this is the best we’ve been at __________.” This time it was talent level and leadership. The talent level comment was in response to special teams. He said that if there are discipline problems with the team then hopefully they never make it to the coaches because the players took care of that issue.
  6. Garrett Nelson is the best leader he’s had since being there.
  7. Frost isn’t paying attention to the hot-seat narrative. If he can do that then he should. He can’t control that narrative until games start.
  8. Mark Whipple has not decided if he’s going to be on the field or in the booth upstairs for games.
  9. Asked what a successful season is? “Winning.” I’ll leave that there.

Clarification I Would Like

Frost said that they are not treating this game in Ireland like a bowl game. It’s a business trip. You earn a bowl game and this team has not done that. They plan on arriving a couple days earlier than normal to get used to time change and what not.

I like this.

But what I want to know is the following: If the Huskers win, they are going to let the players go tour the Cliffs of Moher and the Dingle Peninsula or go kiss the Blarney Stone right?