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Five Heart Podcast 287: What Will Mark Whipple’s Offense Look Like?

Pittsburgh v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Greg is out this week, but Hoss joins Todd and I for this episode of the Five Heart Podcast!

Hoss is a master at understanding offenses, so this episode is (mostly) about what Mark Whipple’s new offense will look like at Nebraska.

Hoss brings up a comment Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi made about Mark Whipple, a comment that will not make “RUN THE BALL” guy very happy:

Hoss gives us insight on Whipple’s passing offense and how that differs from what we’ve seen in the past.

Questions arise:

What will Frost’s influence bring to Whipple’s passing schemes?

Run plays - I ask Hoss, “Can our guards and tackles pull successfully?” (Don’t take it for granted that we can.)

Todd asks about weakness, specially, “What could bog down this offense?”

It’s a pretty decent discussion of all things football, especially on offense.

I ask the guys - “What do we think of media’s access being restricted to head coach and coordinators? Is this a way for Alberts to push Frost into being more of a CEO? Is this a way of restricting Mickey Joseph because of his rising popularity?

More questions - “How will the Big Ten defend against Nebraska’s new offense?”

What about draws and quarterback runs?

And then I spring on final question on both Hoss and Todd:

“What do you think of Trev Alberts first year on the job?”