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Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All-Time Countdown: 6th Place


Welcome back to the Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All-Tim Countdown.

With this countdown, Jon Johnston and I will count down our top 10 favorite video games of all time. The background of the countdown can be found in the 10th place link, but as you can probably tell, Jon and I grew up playing different video games as I grew up in the greatest era of all time and Jon grew up in a different one.

If you want to catch up on the countdown, then here you go:
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Now for our 6th place games!

Nate’s 6th Place Game - Super Mario World/Super Mario Bros 3/Super Mario Kart

Okay. I admit that this may be cheating. While all three of these games are from the Mario Bros world, they are three different type of games to a certain extent.

I decided to bunch them together regardless.

Super Mario World was “next level” for me. Since when can we go back and play the same levels over and over and over again? The Ghost Houses with that creepy music was awesome.

Then there’s Yoshi who wants to eat everything and depending on the color of the shell you eat you might be able to fly or just smash the ground. Or shoot fire balls. Oh, and you can just sacrifice Yoshi over and over again by just leaving him where he is or jumping over a whole and using him to jump off of as he tumbles down into the abyss.

Oh. And then there is the cape that you can get by getting a feather. You can fly all over these levels once you learn how to do it.

Of the Mario games, it is probably the easiest. Especially once you learn the tricks.

Then there’s Super Mario 3, which was also a game-changer but not quite like Super Mario World. I view Super Mario 3 in the same category as Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 2.

We all know Super Mario 2 was trash right? Or maybe I am alone on that. Super Mario Bros was really good as well but I couldn’t put it on the list.

What Super Mario 3 introduced was the idea of hoarding. Hoarding all of the mushrooms, leaves, whistles and such until you needed them.

Lastly, Super Mario Kart. The Mario Kart on SNES.

I think there will be a lot who think the Mario Kart on N64 should be on the list among some of the other Mario games. But unfortunately, I did not have a N64 growing up so suck it. It was SNES and Sega Genesis.

Which makes me realize that I don’t think there is a single game from Sega Genesis on my list. There are ones that immediately pop into my mind like Sonic the Hedgehog with Tails and Knuckles.

I digress.

Mario Kart on SNES was a game that I played with my brother for hours and hours and hours. It’s probably not a great game but it’s definitely one of my favorites.

Jon’s 6th Place Game - Final Fantasy X

This was tough. I thought about putting two other games here; Borderlands and Mass Effect. I loved all the Borderland games because they took a fun and weird perspective when most of the others were SOOOO serious. I mean, who can forget Face McShooty?

Mass Effect... I like a story. I like characters. The Mass Effect trilogy had both, and their interactions were more sophisticated than most the games at the time. I’m not 100% sure, but it seems like Mass Effect was when games started incorporating a moral component into the story where your decisions affected the outcomes.

But the Final Fantasy series beats them both, and amongst all the FF games, I have to pick X as my favorite. I know a lot of people like VII, but the story in X was intriguing, particularly because of Tidus.

Final Fantasy X was released in 2001. The graphics for the time were amazing. The turn-based battle system, and the variety of the characters allowed for fairly complex strategies when facing different kinds of enemies.

You had six characters in your traveling party, and chose three at a time during any encounter. You could swap them out, but you had your favorite three, and of course, your favorite whatever the hell it was to summon and smite your enemies.

The whole Tidus - Yuna thing was interesting. Wakka’s desire to be great at Blitzball was interesting. Then there was the dead guy Auron and Lulu, the girl who would cast a spell where a small doll or child or demon would jump out of her hair and run across the screen to attack whatever evil they encountered.

Put it all together and it’s kind of weird. I like weird.

And As Always...

Join us in the comment section and countdown your favorite top 10 games with us. I’ve enjoyed it so far. I’ve been reminded of a few games I had not thought about in the comment section.