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Thursday Flakes: Flying Basic Economy, Pink Prison Cells and Emmanuel the Emu

Basic economy mileage rules are changing for some airlines.

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Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

I return to Lima today after spending a full week in Huaraz and Carhuaz doing a few hikes in Peru’s beautiful Cordillera Blanca mountain range. I also took a trip through the second-highest tunnel in the world (Punta Olimpica) without knowing it was the second-highest tunnel in the world at 15,525 feet. It was cloudy that day so it was snowing by the time we reached the tunnel. This is an underrated part of Peru that not as many people get to visit in comparison to Lima or Cusco.

I usually book basic economy tickets when I travel. This year, a few airlines (*cough* Delta) stopped rewarding airmiles to those who booked in basic economy. Thankfully airlines like Alaska, American and United still reward miles for those who book basic economy. You can check out the Conde Nast articles below for more information about these changes.

Do you fly basic economy? What is your favorite airline? Have you ever seen an emu? Do you prefer dining indoors or outdoors? Does the movie ‘Dark Knight Rises’ still hold up? Feel free to answer and discuss all these questions in the comments.

Anyways...onto Flakes.


Nebraska Recruiting: Who’s Next for Huskers? | Football | Hail Varsity

The Huskers sit at 14 commitments, but No. 15 feels inevitable any day now. Who will it be? Cameron Lenhardt, the four-star defensive lineman from IMG Academy in Florida, feels like the safe bet. There’s plenty of smoke surrounding his name at this point and it doesn’t seem like a matter of if, but more of a matter of when.

Padding the Stats: On TBT, Summer League and Media Day Representatives | Football | Hail Varsity

After 16 days, the NBA’s summer leagues finally wrapped up, and it was a bit of a mixed bag for former Huskers. Let’s start with Bryce McGowens, Charlotte’s second-round pick who signed a two-way contract with the franchise. He started all five of the Hornets’ games in Las Vegas, averaging 14.6 points on 33.8% from the field (42.9% from 3) and 73.9% from the foul line, 4.0 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 2.6 turnovers in 30.6 minutes per game.

WBCA Recognizes Husker Academics | Women’s Basketball |

The 2021-22 Huskers produced a combined 3.204 grade-point average during the academic year while also running to a 24-9 overall record. Nebraska was one of four Big Ten women’s basketball programs recognized nationally for carrying better than a 3.2 team GPA during the year, joining Michigan, Michigan State and Indiana among the top performing teams in the conference academically.

Huskers to Face Kansas in Lincoln | Women’s Basketball |

The Nebraska women’s basketball team will face an old foe in its 2022-23 regular-season non-conference finale, when the Huskers play host to Kansas at Pinnacle Bank Arena on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

Travel and the Rest

How US Airlines Rank for In-Flight Experience | Travel | Travel Pulse

To find out which carriers offer travelers the smoothest experience in the sky, the team of experts at Upgraded Points analyzed 11 major U.S. airlines across six different categories for in-flight experience, including entertainment, amenities, comfort, COVID-19 safety, food and drinks.

How to Travel More Without Spending More | Travel | Travel Pulse

Acclaimed financial optimizer and host of the podcast All the Hacks, Chris Hutchins, sat down with TravelPulse to talk about using credit card points for travel, the best airline miles programs, cheap flight search techniques and more.

Traveling to New York City This Summer? Nine Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Go | Travel | Lonely Planet

If you haven’t been to New York City since the pandemic, why not come now? Summer 2022 is proving to be less sticky than usual. Plus, hotel room rates tend to dip in July and August.

Cuba Best Foods and Where to Eat Them | Travel | Lonely Planet

Reforms in the early 2010s widened the goalposts for private entrepreneurs, and innovative restaurants quickly began to proliferate. Today, with professionally minded chefs sharpening their creative knives, the country – despite the recent blip caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – is rediscovering its culinary roots.

How to See Panama City on a Budget | Travel | Lonely Planet

There are plenty of opportunities to splash your cash in the city – stylish boutique hotels, world-class museums, gourmet restaurants, and hip cocktail bars among them – but there are ways to cut costs too, from sharing a hostel dorm room to taking the bus and eating with the locals.

Flying Basic Economy? You Might Not Earn Frequent Flier Miles | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Basic economy is the newest fare class designed to compete with low-cost airlines by stripping away certain benefits that are traditionally bundled into a ticket. If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to get burned by one of these more restrictive fares, especially if you’re looking to plump up your mileage balance.

The 25 Best Cities in the World | Travel | Travel + Leisure

In declaring the best cities in the world, they consider hotels, Michelin-rated restaurants, rich cultural heritage, top attractions and, in recent years, COVID-19 protocols. The votes are then counted, numbers crunched, and we arrive at a score for each city — and, ultimately, the ranking of the best 25 across the globe.

The 100 Best Outdoor Restaurants in the United States | Travel | Travel + Leisure

After studying 13.6 million verified reviews on the platform, the restaurant reviews and reservation site released its list (in no particular order) with venues in 25 states making the list, all of which have amazing views, delicious food, and an overall fabulous experience for eating outside.

The American City Changing the Way We Fly | Travel | BBC

Few visitors touching down at Albany International Airport realize they’re on hallowed ground for aviation history – and innovation.

The Food Legacy of a Holocaust Survivor | Food | BBC

Driven by his family history, Tibor Rosenstein is preserving Jewish-Hungarian cuisine through his Budapest restaurant, which has become a bucket list destination for food lovers.

How Colors Affect the Way You Think | Psychology | BBC

Our world is awash with a rainbow of colors, but certain shades can have a surprising impact on our ability to concentrate, our mood and even the flavors we experience.

A Critical Reevaluation of ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ 10 Years Later | Entertainment | The Ringer

The final entry of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was reviewed decently upon release, but with time it’s developed a slight but unmistakable air of disfavor.

Last But Not Least

Emmanuel the Emu is causing some shenanigans