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Nebraska Football Media: Only Frost, Chinander and Whipple Will Speak to Media Once Season Begins

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Do you care? Is this going to ruin your football season?

Well Nebraska announced today that during game-weeks only Scott Frost, Erik Chinander and Mark Whipple will talk to the media. Per the release:

Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple and defensive coordinator Erik Chinander will be available during game weeks in-season. Other Nebraska assistant coaches will be available during fall camp but will not be available during game weeks once the season begins.

At least we get to hear from the other assistant coaches during fall camp.

I am actually okay with this approach. Though that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to hear the reasoning for Frost behind this idea.

According to Mitch Sherman, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and former Kansas State coach Bill Snyder implement this “one voice” approach.

I am sure the assistant coaches aren’t exactly upset that they won’t be required to talk to the media during game-weeks. Maybe it has served as a distraction.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Maybe it is why Nebraska has been bad at the sport the past decade.

This might be what changes everything around for Nebraska football.

Joking, obviously.

Was this an idea passed down from Athletic Director Trev Alberts? An opportunity for Scott Frost to serve the CEO role for this football program.

Some members of the traditional Nebraska football media state that it will limit what we will learn if we don’t get the perspectives of those other assistants throughout the season. That may be true. However, during interviews of Chinander and Whipple — both appear to be forthright with information. They don’t beat around the bush. This is especially true for Whipple.

Regarding the fall camp schedule, there are 15 days of fall practice. There will be five days where there will be media access with either Chinander, Whipple or Bill Busch and “selected assistants.”

We will still get to hear from those assistants during the fall camp but just not during the season.