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Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All-Time Countdown: 7th Place

Well Jon goes with a newer game while Nate stretches further into the past to grab his 7th place game in this countdown.

Two NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Classic Mini Photo Illustration by Guillaume Payen/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Welcome back to the Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All-Tim Countdown.

With this countdown, Jon Johnston and I will count down our top 10 favorite video games of all time. The background of the countdown can be found in the 10th place link, but as you can probably tell, Jon and I grew up playing different video games as I grew up in the greatest era of all time and Jon grew up in a different one.

If you want to catch up on the countdown, then here you go:
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Now for our 7th place games!

Nate’s 7th Place Game - Mega Man 3

My first pick from the amazing NES era of video games with Mega Man 3. I sometimes feel sorry for the youth of today when it comes to video games. This past weekend I was playing Star Wars Battlefront with my son and he was having a great time. To think that his youthful introduction with video games was with games like Battlefront or Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4.

The comparative complexity of those games compared to the games I played when I was his age is crazy to think about.

I never ended up owning Mega Man 3. But what I did do was rent it almost every weekend. That’s another thing these kids may not understand. There were businesses that you would go to and you could walk the aisles and peer at all these different kind of movies and video games that you could rent for 2-3 days or so.

Show up on Friday night and play the crap out of that game until you drop it off on Monday morning. Then you show up the next Friday and do it all over again.

That was Mega Man 3 for me.

I remember blowing into the cartridge for the first time and playing only to find out I now get a partner-in-crime in a dog named Rush.

The best part of these type of games is that it looks so simple but you have to play it a lot of figure out the rhythm and the strategies in order to make it through the game.

So fun.

Jon’s 7th Place Game - Star Wars Battlefront 2

This game?



I am talking about Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PS2. Released in 2005, it might have been one of the first games where me and at least two of my kids came together in spending crap tons of hours playing a game.

I had to look this game up on YouTube because I don’t remember it that well. I asked my daughter what game she would choose as THE GAME that made her a gamer and this is what she chose. We talked about it a bit, and we agreed about how much fun it was.

I thought she would choose Backyard Baseball, which was released in 1997. I remember that game very well, and it was a lot of fun. My oldest son played it a lot, and I was going to put it here until the daughter brought up Battlefront.

It was just a very fun game before its successor came along and ruined part of gaming forever. I was excited when the newer version of Battlefront 2 was released, but, it was TERRIBLE. It was such a piece of garbage I told myself I would never pre-order a game again, and I haven’t.

The second Battlefront was horrid also because of the loot boxes; the first Battlefront you could play without having to wonder about grinding away to earn some ridiculous box that included shiny new shoes or some other completely worthless damned thing.

So many games now require grinding. You’re required to dedicate your life to a game in order to be successful, particularly if you’re playing with or against other people online. Games like Destiny 2, Division 2 (which I like and still play, but solo only) require you to spend hours upon hours to stay current with weapons and gear.

I have no interest in that. Sometimes I want to take a 15-minute break from work and kill online fake enemies. Game companies have figured out how to eliminate that concept and make gaming more like social media, where it’s an addiction that must be fed.

Join a clan. Go on raids that require eight people in order to get the best weapons, because without them you will get annihilated in five seconds in PVP. I get it to a point, but more and more I am playing games that don’t require an online participation element.

Battlefront II on the PS2 allowed for a great number of options for game play. You had “Instant Action”, “Galactic Conquest”, and the campaign. You picked your favorite trooper, you got to be a Jedi, a Droidika, so many options.

All three of my kids are gamers. I guess I gave that to them. We don’t play together, or at least I don’t play with them online, and that’s all right. Everyone has their own tastes, and there are so many types of games out there to choose from.

I’ve always found it interesting when people MY AGE say something like, “how can you waste all that time playing some video game?”

To which I usually answer, “you mean, instead of sitting like a non-thinking lump in front of TV?”

And As Always...

Join us in the comment section and countdown your favorite top 10 games with us. I’ve enjoyed it so far. Hopefully, we get more from my era?!