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Nebraska Announces the Players Who Will Accompany Scott Frost to Big Ten Media Days in Indianapolis

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

At least they aren’t sending Casey Thompson.

That was my first thought after Nebraska announced that it is sending defensive back Quinton Newsome, edge rusher Garrett Nelson and tight end Travis Vokolek to Big Ten Media Days in Indianapolis.

Two on defense and one on offense.

I’m not sure what it says about your offense when you’re sending a tight end that was injured during the spring to represent the group in front of the media.

I guess that happens when you have 33 new scholarship players on a team. It’s hard to find your leaders with experience. I guess, if you were to think about who else you would send from the offense the list is pretty small.

Rhamir Johnson? One of the injured offensive linemen?

Big Ten Media days starts next week on Tuesday, July 26th. Nebraska will be one of seven teams that will be representing that day.

The other teams include Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota and Northwestern.

College football Saturdays are getting closer and closer.