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Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All-Time: 8th Place

As we countdown to Northwestern week, here I present to you #8 in our favorite video games of all-time countdown


Welcome back to the Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All-Tim Countdown.

With this countdown, Jon Johnston and I will count down our top 10 favorite video games of all time. The background of the countdown can be found in the 10th place link, but as you can probably tell, Jon and I grew up playing different video games as I grew up in the greatest era of all time and Jon grew up in a different one.

If you want to catch up on the countdown, then here you go:
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Now for our 8th place games!

Nate’s 8th Place - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Don’t worry. I have some classics coming up at some point here, but at #8 I am going with a game that changed gaming when it came to first-person shooter.

New Video Game, “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” Hits Stores On Tuesday Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This was the first game that my friends and I would sit around for hours and play non-stop. It helps that I was in college at the time as well. The original first-person shooter which was really popular among my friends was Goldeneye.

I originally had Goldeneye in my Top 10 list but it ended up getting pushed out. We will have an honorable-mentions article right before releasing our #1.

Our #1 article will be released right before Northwestern game-week so that should be exciting.

Anyways, back to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It really left an impression with me from the opening sequence of the campaign. Unlike many gamers, I enjoy the campaigns more than the online multi-player and the first scene on the ship was a ton of fun.

Some of the split screen multiplayer games were a ton of fun as well. We would bump up the difficulty and would play for hours and hours and hours.

It was one of those game that maybe it wasn’t the game per se that dropped it into the top 10 but the time you spent with your friends.

Jon’s 8th Place - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

What the hell!!!!!!

This isn’t a setup. I had Call of Duty at #8 on my list before I saw Nate’s choice.

I don’t remember all the Call of Duty games. I can’t recall the difference between them. I stopped bothering to buy them after Black Ops, because as I recall that was a terrible game.

The story line of the Call of Duty games isn’t that memorable. I don’t care. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone there.

I spent hours playing this game online. HOURS. No friends. Didn’t really know anyone else my age that played this stuff. Plus, there’s the romantic atmosphere of 10-year-old kids calling everyone gay slurs, and screaming endlessly about “stolen kills”. You know the proper response, but you’d never say that to a 10-year-old in real life. Right?

I loved the smaller maps - Rust, and Scrapyard. Later on, I’d come to love Shipment, the smallest map of the game. Those maps are complete chaos, especially Shipment, where I typically load up with a light machine gun with the biggest clip possible and die 38 times in one match.

I hate snipers. I hate sniping. I hate the way it works in the game. Growing up, I was a hunter. I own a Remington 700 .270 for deer hunting. The “Quickscope” sniper move bugged me always. I know it’s too much to expect realism from a video game, but just because you got the “Sleight of Hand Pro” perk doesn’t mean you should be able to shoot a guy 10 feet from you with a sniper rifle in less time than it takes to wipe your nose.

Then there’s that 10-year kid whose Mom you have a close relationship with that thinks he’s an excellent sniper, but he contributes NOTHING when on your team. NOTHING. If you say something, the F WORD and slurs pour from his mouth as if there’s an excess amount of those words in his room and he must get rid of them online before he drowns.

The Kill Streaks are a real downer unless you’re good, and I am not very good.

The downside to the Call of Duty franchise is - it’s the same game every year. I tried to play again recently, but I just wanted to go back to playing the small maps in multiplayer. This worked fine until a new release came out, and that new release magically broke the old release. I gave up trying to fix it.

I feel like we had to stick Call of Duty in here somewhere. #8 seems perfect.

And As Always...

Join us in the comment section and countdown your favorite top 10 games with us. I’ve enjoyed it so far. Hopefully, we get more from my era?!