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Thursday Flakes: Pride Month, Sun Protection and #SwedenGate

Sweden got exposed on social media. Will they ever recover?

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Fort Lauderdale customs is a nightmare. Almost caused me to miss my flight. That is all.

Let’s jump into some questions. Do you think airline food is getting worse? What is the longest you have been stuck on the airplane tarmac? Are you using enough sunscreen? Do you feed your child’s guests dinner? What are your summer vacation plans?

Anyways...onto Flakes.


Eight Selected for Nebraska Athletic Hall of Fame | Sports |

The class includes: Guy Chamberlin (football, 1913-15); Christina Houghtelling (volleyball, 2003-07); Patrick Kirksey (men’s gymnastics, 1987-90); Shane Komine (baseball, 1999-2002); Angela Thacker (women’s track and field, 1983-86); Ali Viola (softball, 1995-98); former bowling head coach Bill Straub; and Louise Pound, a pioneer and advocate for women’s athletics in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Keller Joins Huskers As Assistant | Women’s Basketball |

Keller comes to Nebraska after spending five seasons as an assistant at Illinois State, including two seasons as the associate head coach. In her final season with the Redbirds, Keller helped lead Illinois State to the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament title and a bid to the 2022 NCAA Tournament.

Mailbag: Should 2022 Nebraska Football Be Viewed as a Team or Program? | Sports | Hail Varsity

The mailbag has arrived, and it gets kicked off with an interesting question: Is 2022 Nebraska football a team or program? We dive into our thoughts on that question, as well as others that touch on Nebraska’s media rights deal, the college world series and even season four of Stranger Things.

Padding the Stats: Shifting Strategy Marks Year Four for Fred Hoiberg | Basketball | Hail Varsity

Hoiberg is back for year four, but it looks like he’s making some major changes to the way the Huskers will play. Whereas 3-point shooting was a theme of last year’s recruiting class, length and versatility seems to be a major focus this year.

Nebraska Recruiting: Where Things Stand for June 3 Official Group After Visits | Football | Hail Varsity

The recruiting landscape for college football has shifted rapidly. The way to show recruits how unique Nebraska is was to have them take an official visit in the season. It was certainly the strategy when coach Scott Frost arrived. That way the program could show off the full power of Husker Nation and what Lincoln is like on a game day. Now with summer official visits being so popular that thinking has shifted.


Every State’s Best Summer Travel Destination | Travel | Travel Pulse

The best summer travel destinations in America range from man-made lakes in the Midwest to boardwalk beach towns in Southern California, offshore islands, national parks near the Canadian border and everything in between. Rest assured, no matter which one of the following great American summer travel destinations you go to this year, you are destined to have the trip of a lifetime.

20 Classic Summer Vacation Ideas | Travel | Travel + Leisure

No matter how many passport stamps you’ve collected or countries you’ve checked off your list, there’s always a new corner of the globe left to discover. From road trips to train adventures to safaris, consider these summer vacation ideas for your next getaway.

The Best Cities Around the World to Celebrate Pride | Travel | Travel + Leisure

The list of cities was determined by how easy it was to get there and how many destinations were served by the nearest airport, trending search demand, the number of top-rated LGBTQ nightclubs and bars, and accommodation affordability.

7 Historic LGBTIQ+ Destinations in the US to Visit for Pride 2022 | Travel | Lonely Planet

If you’re looking to learn more about the history of the LGBTIQ+ community in the US, start with these seven sites from coast to coast. You’ll get fresh insight into who the main players in the queer liberation movement were, when key events happened, and where it all went down.

10 Best LGBTIQ+ Neighborhoods in the US | Travel | Lonely Planet

For LGBTIQ+ travelers, most trips begin by seeking out the local “gayborhood.” The sight of rainbow flags and same-sex couples can feel like a liberating breath of fresh air. For many, these destinations are welcoming, safe havens; friendly places where the collective community spirit dwells.

Has Airline Food Gotten Worse Since the Pandemic? | Travel | Lonely Planet

Every airline is bringing back its service from the pandemic at a different rate, and each of them is certainly considering what their particular “new normal” is going to be when it comes to food. That’s even more so for the full-service airlines rather than low-cost carriers.

25 Great Brewery Tours Around the World | Travel | Travel Pulse

The location of the breweries stretches from Hawai’i to the Czech Republic, so there’s sure to be a great brewery tour that you can fit into your upcoming trip or one that you can stash away for that future bucket list adventure.

United States Unveils New National Travel and Tourism Strategy | Travel | Travel Pulse

The Commerce Department revealed the official National Travel and Tourism Strategy, which set goals to welcome 90 million international visitors by 2027 and achieve an estimated $279 billion in annual spending.

Travelers’ Satisfaction With U.S. Airlines Is at Its Lowest Point Since the Pandemic Began | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Passengers in all cabins have been unhappy with U.S. airlines over the last year, with the survey showing satisfaction numbers dropping in basic economy, regular economy, premium economy, and even first and business class. This year’s average satisfaction score was 798 on a scale of 1,000, according to J.D. Power.

These Are Your Rights During a Lengthy Tarmac Delay | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Though there are federal tarmac delay rules to prevent airlines from holding passengers on grounded planes for an extended time, the reality is that it can—and does—still happen. So do passengers have any recourse? Here’s what you need to know if you’re caught on the tarmac for hours.

Ozette: The USA’s lost 2,000-year-old village | Travel | BBC

In 1970, a violent storm uncovered a Makah village that was buried by a mudslide more than 300 years earlier. A newly re-opened museum tells the fascinating story of the ancient site.

The Indigenous Australians Few Know | Travel | BBC

Torres Strait Islander people have a rich cultural identity unique to that of Aboriginal Australians, yet few travellers will have heard of them.

The Rest

Bill Gates on the Next 40 Years in Technology | Technology | PCMag

In our first issue, PC Magazine interviewed the 26-year-old founder of Microsoft about building the original IBM PC. Four packed decades later and we still have questions.

Inside the Murky World of Sun Protection | Environment | Bustle

A law restricting two common sunscreen ingredients (oxybenzone and octinoxate) passed in Hawaii in 2018, and signs like this remind beachgoers not to use them in the water due to potential damage to marine life. They’re bad for the ocean, so what’s the problem? Laws like this have inadvertently inspired beauty brands to use “reef-safe” as the latest marketing ploy when in reality.

A Fight Over Wolves Pits Facts Against Feelings in Wisconsin | Animals | Undark

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, a politically appointed body that advises the state’s natural resources agency, met on Aug. 11, 2021, to debate a seemingly narrow question: How many wolves should hunters be allowed to kill during the upcoming hunting season?

How to Rescue the World’s Biggest Cargo Ships | Future | BBC

Enormous container ships ferry goods all over the world, but when one of them gets into trouble – as happened with the Ever Given and Ever Forward recently – how can they be saved? Chris Baraniuk finds out.

Should You Feed Your Child’s Guests Dinner? What Sweden Gate Tells Us About Food Culture and Expectations | Culture | The Conversation

From meatballs and cakes to soups and seafood, Sweden is known for its hearty cuisine. It’s also renowned for its quality of life, topping many countries in happiness, equality and social connection. Perhaps this is why news on Reddit and Twitter that Swedes don’t feed child guests dinner caused a stir online.

Last But Not Least