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Frosted Flakes: Husker Football Camp, World’s Biggest Plant, and Confidence

Plus, we are watching all-time dominance from Oklahoma softball

Calves Photo by Lino Mirgeler/picture alliance via Getty Images

Happy Monday Corn Nation. I hop you are enjoying your summer so far. Here on the ranch, we are watching all the new calves growing and gaining confidence day by day. They run everywhere, making their concerned mothers interrupt grazing in order to chase down their wayward children.

Watching calves play is my favorite part of ranch life.

What is your favorite part of summer?

Frosted Flakes

Athlete Dash Dorsey felt third Husker visit was big success
As Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander instructed high school defenders at the Friday Night Lights camp, it wasn’t a...

Huskers host Friday Night Lights Camp
Friday Night Lights Camp kicks off at Memorial Stadium

Nebraska Football: Huskers trending with 4-star, other top 2023 target
Nebraska football is starting to build some momentum on the recruiting trail in the 2023 class and two top targets are trending to the Huskers.

Whittaker Wins Nebraska Match Play - University of Nebraska
Megan Whittaker ran through a talented field of golfers to capture the Nebraska Women’s Match Play at Elks Country Club in Columbus on Thursday.

Sneak Peek: Nebraska looks to land Maverick Noonan
Huskers looking to end recruitment of in-state talent Maverick Noonan

Huskers offer Iowa Western defensive lineman after impressive showing in Lincoln
Nebraska has extended an offer to Iowa Western defensive tackle Anterio Thompson, who was part of the Nebraska camp proceedings on Friday...

How one summer with Trey McGowens shaped Chase Clemmons, Huskers commitment
Everything changed for Nebraska PG commit Chase Clemmons during one summer working with Trey McGowens.

Nebraska volleyball players Lexi Rodriguez and Bekka Allick make US junior national team | Volleyball |
Two Nebraska volleyball players are among the 12 players chosen to play for the United States junior national volleyball team at a tournament this week week.

Sports! Sports! Sports!

Remembering the wacky Donovan Bailey vs. Michael Johnson 150m race | CBC Sports
CBC Sports’ daily newsletter looks back at one of the weirdest events in Olympic-sports history: the June 1, 1997 match race between the world’s two fastest men.

Story behind the photo: Muhammad Ali spars with two New Zealand teenagers | RNZ News
One of the two teenagers pictured sparring with boxing legend Muhammad Ali in a famous New Zealand Herald photograph has come forward with his story.

Big Ten announces first ever volleyball media days
The Big Ten Network announced on Friday that for the first time ever the Big Ten conference will host a Volleyball Media Days. The event is scheduled to take place on Aug. 1-2 at the Big Ten Network studios in Chicago.

Oklahoma softball: America’s most dominant and terrifying team, explained -
This team is historically good and making everyone look foolish.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

'Our sky falling is their routine:' What is it like to work in the death industry? - ABC News
Meet the people who work in the "death industry",' where dealing with a corpse is all in a day's work.

American Woman at 50: Burton Cummings reveals the real story behind the legendary song | CBC Radio
For decades people have argued about its meaning, but the Guess Who frontman puts the debate to rest — for now

World's biggest plant discovered off Australian coast - BBC News
The seagrass is roughly 4,500 years old and three times the size of Manhattan, researchers say.

Just 80 Percent Of People Can Perceive This New Optical Illusion And No One Knows Why | IFLScience
Psychologists have been closely looking at a new optical illusion that’s so potent it even tricks the unconscious reflexes of the eyes and brain. Weirdly t

People are raving about how much easier it is to read with 'bionic reading' font

Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber baby, dies at 95 : NPR
A sketch of 5-month-old Cook became the Gerber company's trademark in 1931 and has been used in all packaging and advertising since.

What makes smoky, charred barbecue taste so good? The chemistry of cooking over an open flame
Barbecued food has unique and often delicious flavors. A food chemist explains how the process of grilling over an open flame can produce flavors unattainable through other cooking methods.

That Faint Light in the Night Sky Could Be the Gegenschein | HowStuffWorks
The gegenschein, "faint light" in German, occurs under very specific astronomical conditions when the sun reaches the exact opposite of Earth from wherever you're stargazing.

The Zeigarnik Effect Can Boost Your Productivity – But What Is It? | IFLScience
Chances are, you're already familiar with it.

Iditarod dog found months after disappearing from checkpoint | AP News

An Iditarod sled dog was found safe after disappearing from a checkpoint in the race three months ago and covering nearly 150 miles, the Iditarod Trail Committee said Saturday. Musher Sebastien Dos Santos Borges of France was picking Leon up and returning with him to France, the trail committee said in a statement.

Poop! Poop! Poop!

Why holding back your urge to poop can wreak havoc on your insides – a gastroenterologist explains
The golden rule of gastroenterology is to always heed the ‘call to stool’ when the urge strikes.

Then There’s This

The Queen Once Pranked American Tourists Who Didn't Recognize Her
The Americans didn't recognize Queen Elizabeth, but asked her where she lived and if she had ever met the Queen of England.

It’s decided: decisive people no more accurate than self-doubters | Psychology | The Guardian
Research finds only difference between so-called action-oriented and state-oriented people is confidence

I am confident you will have a great week.