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Wrestling: Silas Allred Wins U20 Challenge Tournament but Falls Short of World Team Spot

Allred went 3-0 to win the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament at 92 kg, fell to US Open Champion Jaxon Smith in best-of-three final with World Team spot on the line

Nebraska Head Coach Mark Manning (left) and Associate Head Coach Bryan Snyder look on during a dual against Illinois on Feb. 13, 2022 at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.
Nebraska Head Wrestling Coach Mark Manning (left) and Associate Head Coach Bryan Snyder (right) saw Silas Allred nearly make the U20 World Team Saturday at the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio.
Dylan Guenther / CORN NATION

The Huskers had four wrestlers compete on Saturday in the U20 division of the World Team Trials at the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio.

The Huskers were led by Silas Allred, who continued his impressive offseason after finishing runner-up at the US Open a month ago.

Then there was both Nathan Haas and Elise Brown Ton who earned some quality wins and some all-important experience. Zak Taylor competed for the Huskers as well, but Dominick Serrano did not compete and forfeited his two matches.

Let’s break down how everyone did.

World Team Trials

U20 Men’s Freestyle

Silas Allred

92 kg (203 pounds)

With a World Team spot on the line, Nebraska’s Silas Allred was impressive throughout the challenge tournament. In case you didn’t know, in the U20 division, the winner of last month’s US Open received a bye to a best-of-three final on Saturday night against the winner of Saturday morning/afternoon’s challenge tournament.

The top-seeded Allred beat Seth Shumate 13-10 in the quarterfinal round before downing 4-seed Evan Bates 15-12 in the semis. In the challenge tournament finals, Allred beat 3-seed Martin Cosgrove 10-2.

Then in the best-of-three finals, Allred faced a familiar foe in Jaxon Smith of Maryland. Smith beat Allred a month ago in the US Open final and downed the Husker twice more Saturday night.

Allred fell to Smith 13-6 in the first match before Smith secured a 10-0 technical superiority win in the second match.

I have the feeling these two will become very well acquainted over the next four years.

Elise Brown Ton

79 kg (174 pounds)

The redshirt freshman for Nebraska, Elise Brown Ton came in as the 5-seed and showed some good things at such a tough tournament.

First, he beat John Ward in the round of 16 10-0 in 3 minutes, 39 seconds. Then in the quarters, Brown Ton fell to 4-seed Rocco Welsh 6-1.

In the consolation bracket, Brown Ton started with a quick 10-0 tech over Noah Mulvaney before losing to 8-seed Aaron Ayzerov 13-2 in the consolation round of 4.

Brown Ton ended the day with a 2-2 record and did not place.

Nathan Haas

86 kg (190 pounds)

Next year’s presumed 184-pound starter, the 5-seed Nathan Haas started off strong on Saturday morning.

Haas beat Fernando Villaeseusa 13-9 in the round of 16 before downing 4-seed DeAnthony Parker by the exact same score, 13-9 to advance to the semifinal round.

In the semis, Haas fell to 8-seed Bennett Berge 16-5 via tech late in the second period. Haas then fell to 6-seed Caden Rogers 10-0 via tech in just over a minute in the consolation semifinal match.

With the 2-2 finish, Haas failed to place.

Zak Taylor

97 kg (214 pounds)

In a weight class light on numbers, Taylor lost his lone match Saturday against Noah Pettigrew, a 11-0 tech in 51 seconds.

Dominick Serrano

It’s unclear why, but Dominick Serrano came in registered at 61 kg. He then showed up on Saturday morning in the 65 kg bracket, only to get scratched from the tournament for unknown reasons.