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Five Heart Podcast 281: Dents In the Head And High School Officiating

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Baylor v Ole Miss Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images


Greg is gone! Todd is gone! It’s just me, Jon Damn Johnston, joined by Nate McHugh, some guy that writes for this site! All these exclamation points, you know something good is happening.

It’s another episode of the Five Heart Podcast!


Nate is coaching youth baseball. He’s coached a lot of youth sports. We start by having a discussion about officiating in kids’ sports because Nate has spent a lot of time there and has some thoughts on the state of youth officiating.

Nate points out that parents yelling at officials aren’t helping their teams. It’s worth a listen. He recommends paying attention to what Frank Martin is saying in this video.

I talk about some of my experience in coaching youth soccer for decade, then I bring up an entirely different subject.

How much force does it take to dent a human skull?

This is what I’ve been spending my past few nights trying to figure out. It’s a subject of my next book.

Nate brings up the NIL discussion that occurred on the Doc Talk podcast with Luke Reimer and Nick Henrich, along with ABM guy Gerrod Lambrecht.

There’s a bunch of big recruiting happening this month at Nebraska camps. We’d cover that, but CornNation really needs recruiting writers. So, send an email to along with why you’d like to do this for us if interested. Send any experience.

And like Nate says in the podcast... don’t worry if you don’t hear anything for a while. It took me months to respond to him!

Jon has books out!

On August 21st, 2015, Jon unexpectedly dropped dead of a widowmaker heart attack. He was shocked five times on the way to the hospital with no response. He was shocked two more times in the ER. He was dead for over 20 minutes. A stent was placed, and he was induced into a coma. In January 2016 Jon received a second stent and in June he was diagnosed with an anoxic brain injury.

He wrote a book about death and recovery. The title, “Been Dead, Never Been To Europe” reflects the ironic nature of life, what happens versus what we want to happen.

You can download a sample here!

“Been Dead, Never Been To Europe” is available world-wide here.

His second book is directed towards heart attack survivors. “Manage Your Damage - Heart Attack Survivor” is based upon the strategies Jon used to recover his life.

“Manage Your Damage - Heart Attack Survivor is available here.

Consider signing up for Jon’s Postlife Crisis newsletter, which is about Jon and interests beyond Cornhuskers sports. (I know, right?)