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Defensive Lineman Maverick Noonan Commits To Nebraska!

Yay! The kid has great hair!


Nebraska picked up an in-state legacy commit today as Elkhorn South’s Maverick Noonan chose Nebraska over a host of other schools not nearly as worth of his talents.

247 lists him as the fourth best player in Nebraska, 48th best edge rusher, and 574th player nationally. He is listed at 6-4, 225 pounds.

Maverick’s dad is Danny Noonan, a guy who was the 1986 Big Eight Athlete of the Year and First-Team All Big 8 was defensive lineman AND First-Team All American. He was at Nebraska when I was at Nebraska and not only was he an ass-kicker, but he was a damned good looking guy while doing it.

Now his son has chosen Nebraska over Stanford, Iowa, Michigan State, Arizona State and if you look around the internet for his photos, you’re going to see a great-looking kid with great-looking hair.

Here’s the highlights!

Noonan is the 10th recruit so far in the 2023 class. He joins the Huskers along with commit defensive lineman Riley Van Poppel, linebacker Hayden Moore, offensive linemen Gunnar Gottula, Brock Knutson, and Sam Sledge are on board, as are receiver Jaidyn Doss, tight end Benjamin Brahmer, cornerback Dwight Bootle, and quarterback William “Pop” Watson!