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Frosted Flakes: New Nerf Mascot, Whisky War Ends, and Pumpkin Toadlets

Plus, women’s basketball and volleyball get commitments this weekend.

2022 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track & Field Championship
This picture doesn’t have any connection to this article. I just thought it was a really fun photo.
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

It is haying season in northeast Nebraska. The hot, dry weather has made it challenging to get quality hay baled.

Most of the time, we worry about rain and how that affects hay. This week, it has been the heat and lack of humidity. When alfalfa gets this dry, all of the leaves have a tendency to fall off and the leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant. Without the leaves, your hay is mostly stems.

We don’t have any afalfa growing at the moment. We put up some rye hay and that was challenging enough. The rain made us wait a little longer than we wanted and the rye was starting to get seed heads before it got cut. It will still be good feed, but it could have been better if we’d been able to get it down sooner.

With the massive drought covering a large chunk of the western U.S., I know better than to complain about getting any hay. Even average-ish stuff.

Frosted Flakes

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The Nebraska women’s basketball team received a late Friday night commitment from a 6-foot-2 forward with a list of Power Five offers.

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Husker football teams up with Special Olympic athletes
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Your Weekly Dump

Parents mortified after son poops in store’s display toilet
He dumped all over the store — and not on Yelp. A UK couple was mortified after their four-year-old pooped in a store’s display toilet.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Boston transit agency to try urine sensors on elevators | AP News
BOSTON (AP) — Urine trouble no more, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority hopes, with a new program to tackle public urination in system elevators with technology. The MBTA, which services Boston and the surrounding area, is launching a pilot program this summer in which urine detection sensors will be placed in four downtown elevators.

A Frog So Small, It Could Not Frog - The Atlantic
Most frogs can jump and land with the precision and grace of an Olympic gymnast. And then there’s the pumpkin toadlet.

Nasa rover sighting reignites fears about human space debris | Mars | The Guardian
Object thought to be piece of thermal blanket from when Perseverance touched down on planet

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Rescue dog Kratu went viral for his free-spirited agility runs at Crufts. Now he’s inspired a book thanks to changing his adopter’s life as she copes with autism

The Outback Way: Is this the world’s emptiest road? - BBC Travel
Stretching 2,700km from Laverton in Western Australia to Winton in far-off Queensland, the Outback Way is a great diagonal “shortcut” across the nation that saves weeks of travel.

Kentucky restaurant created by KFC founder for sale | AP News
SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A restaurant created by KFC founder Harland Sanders for his wife decades ago is for sale. Claudia Sanders Dinner House in Shelbyville, Kentucky, hit the market this week, news outlets reported, citing a statement from the listing agents describing the nearly 25,000-square-foot restaurant and banquet hall.

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Then There’s This

50-Year "Whisky War" Ends With First Land Border Between Canada And Europe | IFLScience
After decades of ridiculous conflict, the two nations have decided to share the tiny uninhabited Hans Island.

When Cats Chew Catnip, It Works as a Bug Spray | Science| Smithsonian Magazine
Plant leaves that repel mosquitoes release a more effective repellant after being crushed up by felines

Murph the Nerf mascot is dividing opinion on social media: 'New eldritch horror'
NERF's first-ever official mascot is leaving the internet screaming with joy. Or maybe just screaming.