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Thursday Flakes: Naming Dolphins, Using InDriver and European Airport Chaos

Have you heard about the app InDriver?

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Photo by Nick Ut/Getty Images

While I am in Guatemala and other Latin American countries, I am using a mobile app called InDriver. It is an app similar to Uber except you get the name the price. Once you enter your destination and submit your price offer, you will get offers from other drivers in the area. It lists the driver’s name with their counteroffer, vehicle brand, rating, distance from you, etc. Payments must be made in cash. The passenger ends up getting a cheaper rate (20% on average) than Uber or other ride sharing apps while the driver gets paid directly by the passenger without losing a chunk of their earnings to the app. Currently InDriver is available in 42 countries. Hopefully someday it will be available in the United States.

On that note, I found a really interesting article about this wonderful app and how it got started in Siberia of all places. Definitely check that article down below.

Anyways, onto Flakes...


147 Huskers Earn Academic All-Big Ten | Sports |

Nebraska has honorees across 11 programs, including baseball (17), beach volleyball (nine), bowling (eight), men’s golf (seven), men’s tennis (six), men’s track and field (31), rifle (five), softball (13), women’s golf (seven), women’s tennis (eight) and women’s track and field (36).

Husker Soccer Announces 2022 Schedule | Soccer |

The Nebraska soccer team is set to play 18 games this fall, as the Big Ten released its 2022 women’s soccer schedule. The Huskers will play 10 conference, eight non-conference and a pair of exhibition games in August.

Nebraska Wrestling Releases Non-Conference Schedule | Wrestling |

One of the premier wrestling tournaments and two home duals highlight Nebraska’s 2022-23 non-conference schedule announced on Wednesday.

Mailbag: Do Fans Overrate Football Transfers? | Sports | Hail Varsity

This edition touches on a handful of interesting topics. One of them deals with football transfers—do fans tend to overrate them? Another touches on name, image and likeness—will the ranking of teams with players receiving the highest amount of money match up to end-of-season rankings?

Padding the Stats: B1G Draft | Travel | Hail Varsity

June 1 is a big date on the college basketball calendar as NBA Draft early entrants have until midnight to withdraw from the draft if they wish to retain their collegiate eligibility. The deadline holds no suspense for Nebraska fans. However, plenty of intrigue remains in the Big Ten.

Nebraska Recruiting: Competing in Different Sports Can Help Prospects With Huskers’ Staff | Football | Hail Varsity

Schools recruiting multi-sport athletes is at a premium around college football. Every recruiting cycle a few questions come up a lot with recruits. I ask Nebraska’s targets if they participate in other sports besides football. More and more prospects seem to be playing something else along with football. Coach Scott Frost stated his preference to recruit players that compete in many sports.


Top Tips for 2022 Summer Travel | Travel | Lonely Planet

We polled the Lonely Planet community across our social media channels for all your questions regarding everything and anything summer travel. Read on for Lonely Planet experts’ top tips, advice and travel inspiration for what will be a very well-traveled summer of 2022.

Europe Airport Chaos: What Do You Do If You Are Flying This Summer | Travel | Lonely Planet

Images posted on social media on Sunday reveal long lines snaking outside airports including Dublin, London Gatwick, Amsterdam Schiphol, and Lisbon, with some passengers reporting that they were waiting for hours just to get into the terminal buildings.

The Most Scenic US Campgrounds to Visit in 2022 | Travel | Lonely Planet

Here are the most scenic campgrounds in the USA. While a few of our favorite spots are located in popular national parks, most of the campgrounds offer some form of solitude from the main drag while still being ridiculously scenic, and a handful are open year-round.

Best New Way to Travel: 2022 Hot List | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

This time, editors at all seven worldwide editions had a hand in scouting and selecting the entries. At its heart, this is still a hotel list—a whopping 96 made the cut this year.

These Two U.S. Airlines Have Plans to Make Flying in Coach Better | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Southwest and United are introducing everything from larger overhead bins and more seatback screens, to faster Wi-Fi and even tastier in-flight cocktails.

19 Ways to Save on Summer Travel | Travel | Travel Pulse

Saving money on travel does take some legwork and plenty of flexibility, and that’s especially true right now. The following tips can help you pay less for airfare and hotels so you can make fun family memories without breaking the bank.

Is Starting a New Airline During the Pandemic the Best Idea | Travel | Travel Pulse

Perhaps starting an airline in the midst of a pandemic would make some folks pause and reconsider their decision. Yet here we are, two-and-a-half years later, and new carriers have burst on the scene. Among others, Breeze Airways – founded by JetBlue founder David Neeleman – Avelo Airlines and Aha all started in the U.S. in 2021.

Japan to Reopen for Group Tours in June | Travel | Travel Pulse

Japan will reopen to foreign tourists participating in fixed itineraries and packaged tours starting June 10, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirmed on Thursday. “Active exchanges between people are the foundation of the economy and society. From the 10th of next month, we will restart the admission of tourists on guided package tours,” he said at the Future of Asia conference in Tokyo.

South America’s Unknown Ancient Path | Travel | BBC

Connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, a 4,000km trail created by indigenous people over millennia is now beginning to reveal its mysteries to the world.

The Ancient Mummies Older Than Egypt’s | Travel | BBC

The Egyptians may have the most famous mummies, but they’re not the oldest. The Chinchorro people of Chile’s Atacama Desert were the first to mummify their dead – 7,000 years ago.

The Rest

InDriver’s Rise from Global Startup to Global Uber Competitor | Technology | Rest of World

InDriver’s unique haggling feature has seen it expand from its roots in Yakutia to markets around the world.

How Do Dolphins Name Themselves | Science | NBC

A new study claims that two influences best explain the differences among whistles: the local ocean environment and the demographics of different dolphin populations.

This Man Get Bitten by Deadly Snakes in the Name of Science | Science | National Geographic

Tim Friede has been bitten by venomous snakes more than 200 times. On nearly every occasion, he has positively encouraged it. Lethal cobras, mambas, vipers, taipans, rattlesnakes and kraits – he has willingly offered himself up to the fangs of all, soliciting what could be a potentially fatal bite from some of the most feared animals on the planet.

The Secret Psychic Experiment That Inspired Stranger Things | Human Body | Science Focus

Creators the Duffer Brothers originally based Stranger Things around a real-life human experimental programs such as Project MKUltra and Project Star Gate. Conducted by the CIA in the 1950s, MKUltra’s purpose was to explore the potential of mind-control techniques that could give America an edge in the Cold War. Star Gate, in 1978, centered around the potential development of psychic abilities.

The U.S. Has Spent More Than $2 Billion on a Plan to Save Salmon. The Fish Are Vanishing Anyway | Environment | ProPublica

The U.S. government promised Native tribes in the Pacific Northwest that they could keep fishing as they’d always done. But instead of preserving wild salmon, it propped up a failing system of hatcheries. Now, that system is falling apart.

One Last Thing