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How Nebraska’s Legendary Offensive Lines Were Built: Milt Tenopir - The Assembly Line

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Milt Tenopir was Nebraska’s offensive line coach from 1974 to 2002. Nebraska’s 90s run is legendary, and Tenopir wrote a book about his coaching philosophy, including diagrams of the plays the Huskers ran out of the I Formation.

It’s quite the book.

It’s “Run The Damn Ball” guy’s fantasy.

Table of Contents:

  • Reflections on my coaching career at Nebraska
  • Motivation and Evaluation
  • Offensive Approach and Practice Routine
  • Run Blocking Progression and Rule Blocking
  • The Inside Zone Scheme and Plays
  • Outside Zone Principles
  • Option Football — Outside Zone Scheme
  • The Trap Game
  • The Counter Game
  • The Isolation and Delayed Draw Series
  • Reverses
  • The Shovel Passes
  • The Passing Game — Option Passes
  • Inside Zone, Outside Zone, ISO Passes
  • Counter Bootleg Passing Game
  • Sprint Draw Protection — Turn back
  • Five-Step Drop-Back Protection — Big on Big
  • Off-Season Workouts and Nutrition

It is available at Amazon for $225.

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