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Thursday Flakes: Donuts, Diapers and Swedish Garbage Cans


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Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

Spending 50 minutes waiting at baggage claim to receive my luggage wasn’t how I expected my Panama trip to start but other than that, everything seems to be going smoothly. There’s lots of stuff to talk about today so let’s get the ball rolling with some fun questions. Regular diapers or cloth diapers? Favorite type of donut? Hotel or AirBnb? Have you ever been victim to a travel scam? What’s your favorite item on the CWS special menu?

Anyways...onto Flakes.


NBA Draft Profile: Bryce McGowens | Basketball | Corn Nation

Regardless of which round he is selected in, McGowens being drafted would mark the first time in program history for Nebraska that a player was able to go onto the NBA after just one season in Lincoln following his prep career. Should it in fact happen in the first-round, though, it would also mark the first time a Husker was taken in the first-round of the NBA Draft since Tyronn Lue in 1998 and just the fourth all-time.

Nebraska Volleyball Schedule Released | Volleyball | Corn Nation

There are 18 home matches including two weekends with home tournaments. Those home tournaments plus the four non conference opponents include nine different teams; seven of those teams went to the NCAA tournament last season.

Nebraska Recruiting: Commitment Date Set for Georgia Wide Receiver Barry Jackson Jr. | Football | Hail Varsity

His relationship with Joseph is one of the reason for his Nebraska interest. The wideout is impressed with Joseph’s ability to relate to players so well. Jackson thinks that Joseph is a great coach that could help him get better and eventually play in the NFL. Jackson has a different skill set than some of the other wideouts that the program is after right now.

Padding the Stats: Summer Volleyball Ponderings | Volleyball | Hail Varsity

Four of the Huskers’ final five matches will be against other top teams — Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin and Minnesota — with the final three coming at the Devaney Center. There’s a strong chance Nebraska could win or lose a conference title in the final weekend of the season with a set-up like that.

Looking to Keep His Starting Safety Role, Myles Farmer is Balancing Competition and Leadership | Football | Hail Varsity

Frost isn’t the only one who knows Farmer needs to take a step forward at safety. Farmer himself is well aware of it, too. The Atlanta native watched as Nebraska brought in 33 new faces this offseason—15 from the transfer portal, 15 from the high-school ranks and three from junior colleges. Of those 33, nine are defensive backs. Of those nine, three are safeties in DeShon Singleton, Jalil Martin and Kaine Williams.

Husker Newcomers Excelling On Course | Golf |

Nebraska men’s golf newcomer Evan McDermott earned a spot in the 2022 U.S. Junior Amateur on the strength of his runner-up finish at a qualifier in Allendale, Mich., on Tuesday, June 13. McDermott’s performance was the most recent in a string of impressive finishes for Husker Head Coach Brett Balak’s six-player incoming class in the past few weeks.


The Best Donut Place in Each State | Travel | Travel Pulse

Nebraska: Sunrize Donuts. Sunrize shines with its range of in glazed, raised and cake-style donuts, and as they are more than happy to tell you, “no shortcuts are taken”. Head to Omaha for an Iced Bar Vanilla, Blueberry Frosted or Peanut Vanilla. Apple fritters are also a hit here, too.

Travel Scams to Watch For | Travel | Travel Pulse

According to the FTC, many travel scams start out with you receiving a call, a text or a flyer in the mail. In any of these communications, you may be promised a free vacation or a luxury cruise at a drastically discounted rate. The catch? They need your credit card to secure the reservation, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Experts Say Airlines Themselves Are the Cause of Travel Chaos | Travel | Travel Pulse

Two aviation consultants and a union chief – are confirming to Business Insider that a lack of planning and foresight by the airlines, coupled with a tough labor market and rising fuel prices, are the main causes of the travel chaos that has ensued at airports around the world.

The Best State Parks to Visit in Every State | Travel | Lonely Planet

National parks like Bryce Canyon and the Smoky’s are stunning, but there’s something a little personal about a state park. Whether its right in your backyard or you have to drive hours just to get to it, state parks are like that beloved hometown sports team that you’ll always root for.

The Most Expensive Homes in Every State | Travel | Travel + Leisure

Real estate website Point2Homes recently searched through millions of listings to discover the most expensive homes in every state in the U.S. The group analyzed all the listings in the Point2Homes database, researched national and local brokerages, and searched through articles on verified luxury listings.

This Summer’s Most Popular Travel Destinations, According to AirBnb | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

But where exactly are people jetting off go? Airbnb recently released its list of trending summer destinations based on where users were booking stays between June 1 and August 31 this year; and while guests have already planned stays in more than 72,000 towns around the world, there are a few cities that people seem particularly keen to visit.

Amtrak is Launching a New Route From NYC to the Berkshires | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

The new train service will run on weekends during the summer months from New York Penn-Moynihan Station in New York to Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The journey on board is set to be a scenic one, winding along the Hudson River Valley and through the Catskill mountains.

The Sweet Flavors of Pinoy BBQ | Travel | BBC

While yakitori and satay may be better known, the Philippines has their very own charcoal-grilled delicacies – whose distinctively sweet and tangy flavor unites the nation.

The Outback Way: Is This the World’s Emptiest Road | Travel | BBC

Stretching 2,700km from Laverton in Western Australia to Winton in far-off Queensland, the Outback Way is a great diagonal “shortcut” across the nation that saves weeks of travel.

The Rest

Scientists Craft ‘Living Skin’ for Robots, Made of Human Cells | Biology | CNET

Not only does this material resemble and feel like human skin, but the new study’s team says that because it’s made of real skin cells, it also can self-heal and is water repellant. Attached to a robot, this sort of skin sheet can therefore repair its own cuts and scrapes, like normal human skin can.

We Asked an AI to Draw a Self-Portrait | Technology | VICE

DALL-E, the AI system that generates images from text prompts, has captured the internet’s imagination over the past few months. Literally. Created by OpenAI, DALL-E is the latest in a series of tools that seem to tap into the internet’s subconscious, using massive datasets of text and images to parse and reproduce human language with uncanny accuracy.

The Detectives Hunting for Underwater Volcanoes | Future | BBC

In January 2022, a giant undersea volcano explosion rocked Tonga in the Pacific. How do scientists find where and when the next one will blow?

Inside the Quest to Redesign the Diaper | Environment | Fast Company

The global diaper industry has long been dominated by Huggies and Pampers, but now a flock of startups are shaking things up—and making their diapers way more sustainable.

Do Animals Dream? | Technology | VICE

What nonhuman animals experience while sleeping can be called dreaming, philosopher David Peña-Guzmán writes in a new book. This impacts how we should think about their interior lives.

What Did the Ancient Mayans See in the Stars? | Astronomy | Science

The historic Maya oriented their lives by the heavens. Today, their descendants and Western scholars team up to understand their sophisticated astronomy.

Why Experts Rarely Speak of “Curing” Cancer Anymore | Health | Salon

Though the rhetoric has become more nuanced since, the phrase refuses to go away entirely. There are initiatives like the Susan G. Komen ”Race for the Cure” and Wacoal’s “Fit for the Cure.” There are biopharmaceutical companies making sketchy claims about a ”universal cancer cure.” And there are casual headlines in mainstream media outlets, like The Telegraph’s recent musing about whether ”the cure for cancer” is in your gut.

Last But Not Least

Which of these would you try?

Thoughts on this one?

This seems like a terrible idea.

This seems like a good idea.