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Five Heart Podcast 282: Old Farts And Football

AUG 17 1959, AUG 18 1959; Davaney, Bob Spts. File 5p; -Groups; Poke Coach Has a Few Kibitzers; Coach Photo By Bob Beegle/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Greg didn’t show up on time because of, oh, I don’t know... work or making a living or something like that.

So Todd and I started the old fart podcast. I turned 60 this past week and when a guy turns 60, people expect him to say something about it, so I do. Then I give advice to young people about keeping their bodies in shape, which is rather ironic coming from a guy who stayed active most of his life and still died of a heart attack at 54.

There’s the new lineman who recently committed to Nebraska.

Koty Frank transferred and Todd he wishes he was coming back to Nebraska. So do I. But he’s not. Cam Chick entered the transfer portal rather than end his baseball career.

Adrian Martinez has been making statements that have riled Nebraska fans. He’s said his Kansas State team is more talented than those he had at Nebraska. He’s said the statement below.

Todd and I point out how thin-skinned Nebraska fans are reacting to Martinez’ statements. There’s a ranty bit maybe.

Greg FINALLY JOINS US, and he’s caught in the trap of old farts. Being old farts requires us to talk about things we miss from the past.

We came up with three things about college football we miss from when we were young. You’ll have to listen to find out what they are because I’m not telling you here.