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Five Heart Podcast 277: Todd Loves Scott Frost And You Should Too!

TCU v Oklahoma Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Todd, Jon and Greg all get together for this week’s edition of the Five Heart Podcast!

Jon starts with a surprise announcement that he’s entered the SBNation Podcast transfer portal, seeking a better NIL deal with Blue Chew as a partner. This devolves into.... well, nearly off the edge of an abyss, again.

The guys discuss:

  • Ochaun Mathis picking Nebraska over Texas
  • Defensive lineman transfer Devin Drew
  • Huskers taken in the NFL draft

Then Todd starts a very serious monologue about Mental Health Awareness Month and how Scott Frost has done an admirable job of working with Omar Manning on his mental health issues.


  • NCAA Sanctions for Scott Frost
  • Who got screwed more by not winning a Heisman? - Tommie Frazier or Ndamukong Suh

There Are Marriage Tips!

Todd brings up an old wound talking about when Jon’s car was destroyed on his wedding night.

All this in this episode of the Five Heart Podcast!

In lieu of Jon’s book promotion information that usually accompanies the bottom of the podcast article (go look at any of Jon’s other articles), we wanted to take this opportunity, with it being Mental Health Awareness Month, and with Todd’s startling statistic of five college athletes having committed suicide since March, to put the following information below, should you or someone you know need someone.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and their phone number: 800-273-8255.