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Wednesday Flakes Gives You Sanctions & Bill Jennings

Sanctions are fun

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Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Bill Jennings

Remember him? Probably not.

He coached Nebraska from 1957 to 1961.

He was the last Husker football coach to have four straight losing seasons. Technically, he had five before he got canned and Nebraska brought in Bob Devaney from Wyoming to bring us to the promise land.

He kind of stunk going 15-34-1 in his tenure at Nebraska. I bring him up because Scott Frost is, at this point in time, associated with him. Scott is 15-29 in four seasons at Nebraska. More importantly, he also has four straight losing seasons as the Huskers head coach. Just like Billy.

Scott and Bill, connected by history, bad decisions, and bad games.

But Scott now has one this Bill didn’t, sanctions. So, Scott can at least say he has that over Bill.

I guess Bill did do one thing that was cool. He broke Oklahoma’s 74 game winning streak in 1959. That Husker team went 4-6.

Man, I hope Frost turns this ship around. Because...Bill Jennings...Yeesh.

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