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Five Heart Podcast 280: Traditions

Michigan v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Greg, Todd and myself get together for another episode of the Five Heart Podcast. The longest podcast episode EVER. This is my fault for bringing up Thor Heyerdahl and Kontiki.

In this episode we cover:

The latest transfers in football - Stephon Wynn Jr. and Marcus Washington and how they fit into Nebraska’s football team.

Baseball transfers - five players have already entered the transfer portal.

Lat Mayen not returning to Nebraska basketball.

Then there’s Husker traditions. Greg has a list of Husker traditions; we discuss whether we’d keep them or not and what adjustments we’d make.

Did you know that years ago Husker fans threw oranges on the field? No? Well, they did. They threw oranges in the end zones every time we scored to symbolize our desire to get to the Orange Bowl, the most prized season-end destination for years.

Then one day that tradition ended. ENDED.

The 1982 Nebraska - Oklahoma game was very cold. The oranges people had became frozen. Someone threw a frozen orange that struck an official in the back of the head, permanently disabling him. That tradition ended right there.

No one shit themselves about it.


Because it was a pretty stupid tradition.

The Tunnel Walk tradition began in 1994. It just started. Husker fans accepted it rather quickly and it became a great way to recognize that the team was coming on the field so you’d better get your ass in your seat to see the opening kickoff.

No one shit themselves about it.

Do you know why?

Because nobody can remember what we did before the Tunnel Walk to recognize the team coming onto the field. It was a good idea.

Now we have the balloon tradition going away. Many people are shitting themselves.

Do you know why?

I don’t either.

Apparently they’d like to keep a tradition where we pump shit tons of litter into the air and don’t give a damn about where it ends up.

Anyway, give it a listen. IF YOU DARE.