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Thursday Flakes: Pizza Toppings, Campfire Stories and Disney World Rides

What is your favorite ride at Disney World?

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Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Part of this Flakes was completed in the middle of the night at the Miami airport. Let’s just say I didn’t get a lot of sleep, which is why I passed out early last night and I’m finishing Flakes now. But hey, at least now I’m in Guatemala.

Here is a few questions to get the ball rolling today. What is your favorite ride at Disney World? What is the weirdest pizza topping you have ever seen? Do you know someone who is addicted to streaming? There’s a lot of good stuff to talk about so let’s dive right into Flakes.


Get to Know New Husker Marcus Washington | Football | Corn Nation

Nebraska continues their momentum in the transfer portal landing former Texas receiver Marcus Washington. Not only does Washington reunite with his former quarterback Casey Thompson but he also could fill the void that was left when Zavier Betts left the team. Here is a look at Washington and what he brings to the Huskers.

Mailbag: Thoughts on the Balloon-Less Memorial Stadium | Sports | Hail Varsity

Red balloons, in fact. The kind that are released after every first Husker football touchdown inside Memorial Stadium. Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts detailed why the balloons won’t be handed out for the 2022 season during his appearance on ‘Sports Nightly’ earlier this week. Long story short, there’s a shortage of helium.

Padding the Stats: Huskers All In on the Transfer Portal in 2022 | Sports | Hail Varsity

That transfer haul includes three JUCO players, six FCS/Division III transfers and 12 FBS transfers. That is a sizable transfer class that may or may not even be complete at this stage. And because of the free transfer role, each and every one of them is eligible to play this season. Welcome to the new age of college football, where it’s easier to flip a roster than ever before.

Nebraska Recruiting: Relentless Recruiter Bull Busch Paying off for Huskers | Sports | Hail Varsity

The new additions are already paying off for the Huskers. Busch has been among the new coaches working hard this offseason to find talent for the Huskers. We started to see the start of that this spring when more players from Kansas and Missouri visited the Huskers. Then we saw something new that will seem small but was a big deal for Nebraska.

Former Husker Keith Williams Joins Husker Recruiting Department | Football | Omaha World-Herald

Williams confirmed to The World-Herald that he’s now one of the Huskers’ assistant directors of player personnel. Williams previously had been the assistant head coach and offensive coordinator at Bethel University in Tennessee, a NAIA school two hours west of Nashville.

Three Huskers Qualify for NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship | Track & Field | Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska’s Alex Talley, Maxwell Otterdahl and Burger Lambrechts secured bids to the NCAA outdoor championships in Wednesday’s preliminary round, the first day of the four-day regional meet. Talley finished sixth in the hammer throw to qualify for his third outdoor championship. The program record-holder finished sixth last year in the event at North Dakota State.

Turning to Her Husker Roots, Courtney Breault is Helping Clemson Softball Program Make History | Softball | Lincoln Journal Star

Breault didn’t give coaching serious thought when she exhausted her eligibility at Nebraska. After finishing her playing career in the spring of 2013, Breault still had a semester of school to complete. A “random” semester, she called it. Kyle Jamieson, who was an assistant coach at Arkansas (where Breault started her college career before transferring to NU), called Breault about an opportunity to join him at Furman as a volunteer assistant.


58 Disney World Rides Ranked | Travel | Travel + Leisure

The best attractions at Disney World range from classic dark rides with beloved theme music to innovative new experiences that utilize the latest technologies to fully immerse guests in the storytelling. Those rides are worth waking up early to experience.

World’s Most Family-Friendly Airports and Airlines | Travel | Travel Pulse

The Family Vacation Guide recently examined on-time departure times and cancellation rates for 50 of the busiest airports in the world and analyzed other important factors for family-friendliness such as free access to Wi-Fi, the number of places to eat available and the number of things to do.

Most & Least Expensive Airports to Fly Out From | Travel | Travel Pulse

Informational website Finance Buzz recently looked at average domestic airfares from the 45 busiest airports across the U.S. using data published by the U.S. Department of Transportation to determine which are best for Americans traveling on a tight budget in 2022.

How Long-Haul Travel Will Change Post Coronavirus | Travel | BBC

Today’s flyers want to fly further, faster, and in style, all while paying less. Catering to these demands requires innovative thinking and airlines are increasingly investing in products that will keep long-haul passengers happy. Here are three of them.

Palau’s World-First ‘Good Traveler’ Incentive | Travel | BBC

In a world-first initiative, visitors to Palau will be offered exclusive experiences based on how they treat the environment and culture, not by how much they spend.

Buenos Aires Unusual Pizza Topping | Travel | BBC

A century ago, Italian immigrants in Argentina’s capital gave pizza an unusual new topping: a chickpea pancake known as “faina”.

The Best Alaska National Park For Every Type of Traveler | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

From the largest national park in the country and a river flush with feeding grizzlies, to important sites filled with Native history, Alaska is a state full of pristine wilderness that will change the way even the most seasoned travelers think about public lands and our impact on them.

A Wheelchair User’s Guide to Getting Outdoors This Summer | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

‘The great outdoors’ and ‘wheelchair accessible’ may not typically coexist within the same sentence, but they absolutely should. Outdoor adventures are for everyone, regardless of someone’s abilities. And thanks to improved accessibility at national and state parks, public beaches, and more, much of what used to be off-limits for wheelchair users is now within reach.

Meets the Retirees Who Serve As Volunteer Guides on Amtrak Trains | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Through a partnership between Amtrak, the National Park Service (NPS), and Texas A&M University, volunteer guides ride trains that pass by or through national park sites, sharing stories and information about the region’s history, culture, geology, flora, and fauna.

The Rest

The Faces From China’s Uyghur Detention Camps | News | BBC

The Xinjiang Police Files, as they’re being called, were passed to the BBC earlier this year. After a months-long effort to investigate and authenticate them, they can be shown to offer significant new insights into the internment of the region’s Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities.

Who Owns Einstein? The Battle for the World’s Most Famous Face | History | The Guardian

Thanks to a savvy California lawyer, Albert Einstein has earned far more posthumously than he ever did in his lifetime. But is that what the great scientist would have wanted?

How to Tell a Campfire Story to Kids | Culture | Outside

Telling a campfire story isn’t hard. It’s helpful to begin with a general narrative, but you don’t need to have the plotlines fully formed in your mind. You can simply begin to talk and let the story lead you. The important thing is to maintain momentum. Don’t dawdle. You’re going for suspense and action, not a long-winded exposition. But don’t rush, either.

Meet the Volunteers Maintaining the Appalachian Trail | News | Christian Science Monitor

Humans – particularly new hikers – can disturb the forest with litter, graffiti, music, and millions of footprints. Nature, for its part, will always try to take the trail back with weeds, moving water that erodes the path, and fallen trees known as “blowdowns.” Hence, the need for trails creates a need for trail maintainers. And trail maintainers need training.

How to Take Things Less Personally | Psychology | Psyche

Always blaming yourself or assuming others think ill of you? A CBT therapist shares ways to break these self-critical habits.

The Woes of Being Addicted to Streaming | Entertainment | Pitchfork

After a decade under the influence of music algorithms, a look at what streaming services afford the most engaged fans and what lingers below the surface.