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Five Heart Podcast 279: Talking Pods on the Pod

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, NO JON! Jon is at a family reunion of sorts, and while we tried to convince him to break away from the family gathering to join is, our Founder and Fearless Leader made a call to the bullpen and had Nate McHugh take his place.

Nate, Todd, and I talk about the Big Ten Champion Softball Team as it prepares for regional action in Stillwater, OK. Admittedly, there’s not a lot of baseball to discuss as they need to win out to have a chance to make the Big Ten Tourney.

Nebraska basketball acquired two guards from the transfer portal this week, however one didn’t decide until after we recorded. Can one of them run the point and be the on-court general? That remains to be seen.

The football team acquired a safety from the NCAAF transfer portal, a former 4-star DB from the Alabama Crimsontide.

And then...the discussion around college football has been the dissolution of divisions. The Pac-12 says divisions will still exist but won’t factor into the CCG. Pods. No longer divisions. Your thoughts? Protected opponents or not. Preference of shifting or no?

It’s what they’re talking about in Chicago.

It’s what we’re talking about on this show this week.