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Five Heart Podcast 273: The 2022 Nebraska Spring Game And A Story About Bonding

Nebraska Spring Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

It’s just Todd and I this week as we get together and discuss this weekend’s 2022 Nebraska football spring game.

Nebraska has announced they’ve sold 46,000 tickets to the spring game. When Frost first started in 2018, Nebraska sold 86,000 tickets to the spring game.

Four years later and that number has been nearly cut in half. Is this a sign of our disgust with the Scott Frost era of Nebraska football?

This is this show our disgust or rejection of the Scott frost era? Or is this a celebration of the fact that Nebraska has gone through consecutive losing seasons, yet still manages to sell more spring game tickets than almost anybody else in the in the College Football landscape?

Is this an indication that Nebraska fans have nothing else to do? Or that we just come together, not necessarily to watch football, but to have a great social event centered on something we all love?

We discuss this video:

Jon brings up that he has just recently gone shopping for the first time in at least a decade. I’m not even making that up. He bought two new pairs of pants this past weekend to replace the pants he’s worn during this entire pandemic.

He also went to church for the first time in two years. It was very difficult. You have to be nice to people. You can’t just yell “Fuck Iowa” at the band, even though one guy usually in the band is an Iowan who always gives you crap. Your minister doesn’t like it when you talk back during the sermon. So you have to be nice, sit still, smile at people and keep your mouth shut.

Oh, my God. It’s exhausting.

We discussed Nebraska’s baseball team and the recent success at Ohio State.

And we talk about what we want to see at this Nebraska spring game, which is Casey Thompson. I’d say 99% of us are going to the spring game to see Casey Thompson. Will he do the Horns Down? Could he? Would he? He’d be an instant hero.

Todd discusses Nebraska softball and what a good job Rhonda Ravel is doing.

Todd brings up interviews recently with Nebraska’s women’s teams about how they’re bonding. Then Jon tells a story about Schramm Six, the dorm floor that Todd and Jon lived on the 80s and how the floor bonded very well by going to a party where there was stolen nitrous oxide present. I probably shouldn’t tell some of these stories.

That’s about it for this episode of the five heart podcast. Thanks for listening!

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He wrote a book about death and recovery. The title, “Been Dead, Never Been To Europe” reflects the ironic nature of life: what happens versus what we want to happen.

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