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Friday Flakes: Nebraska Dodgeball Heads to Nationals - With Help From A Couple of Rookies

England Media Access Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

While the Nebraska football, men’s basketball and baseball teams appear to be absolutely struggling, it appears there is a sport in which men are participating on campus that are finding some success.

The Nebraska Dodgeball Team is getting ready for Nationals.

From the NCDA (National Collegiate Dodgeball Association) Pre-Nationals spotlight:

Cornhuskers’ Rookie Spotlight

When it comes to the two best rookies for this year, the first two names that come to mind are Caleb Fowler and Noah Willey. Both are sophomores who joined the team this year, and have been huge additions to our team since then.

Caleb Fowler, #32

Caleb is a great overall player, who succeeds at everything on the court. Though he may not have the experience that most players do, he plays with a sort of swagger that would convince me that he has been playing for years. I believe that he is going to be an integral part of the team for the next few years.

Noah Willey, #30

Secondly, we have Noah, who is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to catching. During practice it seems like he catches 90% of the balls thrown at him, and it could be argued that he can throw even better than he can catch. Noah has even less tournament experience than Caleb, but it is the same case that he plays in a way that seems like he has so much experience.

The article continues to highlight some of the other key contributors to the team.

I don’t know much about #32 Caleb Fowler. However, it’s safe to say that that regarding #30 Noah Willey, he was probably a pretty good basketball player. His 90% catch is likely a result of his days as a basketball player.

If he is a better thrower than a catcher, then that is likely because was really good at finding open teammates on the basketball court. If he threw a fastball to the face of an opponent, it’s likely because he likes to win.

I think he wore #30 when he played basketball as well. His brother wasn’t bad either.

Just a guess.*

With that said, I hope Husker Nation can find a way to support them as they head to Nationals. This weekend they are playing in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Get there.

*Not a guess.


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