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Thursday Flakes: Sandhill Cranes, Stargazing and a Sleek Comb-Over

Have you ever rocked a comb-over?

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Photo by: Jon G. Fuller/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Nebraska Sandhills are famous for a few things such as the sandhill crane migration, great stargazing but not for sleek comb-overs. I haven’t visited there yet but I would like to go out there someday for the Nebraska Star Party near Valentine.

The spring game is this weekend, which is a little something to get excited about. I wonder what funny contests we’ll see for this year. Corn-eating contest? Longest throw? Fastest 40 time? What kind of quirky things would you like to see at the upcoming spring game?

There are plenty of interesting articles in Thursday Flakes so here is a few more questions related to the articles to get the conversation going. Do you use TikTok? Have you ever worn a wig? Have you ever traveled solo? Have you ever rocked a comb-over? Where is the best place you have gone stargazing? What is time?

Anyways...onto Flakes.


UNO Baseball Holds Off Late Nebraska Rally | Baseball | Omaha World-Herald

The Mavs were in control through seven innings as it built a 6-1 lead. But the Huskers put together a two-out rally in the eighth, capped by Colby Gomes’ three-run homer to left to make it 6-5. Nebraska then loaded the bases with one out in the ninth. But Harrison Kreiling worked out of that jam, striking out Luke Sartori and Gomes on 3-2 pitches to end the game.

Mickey Joseph Shares Focus on Competitiveness and Timing for Spring Game | Football |

“We want to see it crispy,” Joseph said. “We want to see the timing. Like I said before it is hard when you are playing with four or five quarterbacks and when you are playing with 10 to 12 receivers so the timing might not be there all the time but you want to see the best timing that we can get on Saturday. That is what we are looking for.”

Huskers Prep for Regionals | Bowling |

In the first round, NU will face Wilmington in a mega-match, where the winner will be determined by using a best-of-three match format in the following order: five-person team match, baker total pinfall, and a best-of-seven baker match play. Based on the results, the Huskers will move on to face either No. 13 Fairleigh Dickinson or No. 16 Sacred Heart.

Three Huskers Earn Weekly Big Ten Honors | Track & Field |

Luff’s first outdoor race of the season resulted in a win in the 110-meter hurdles, as the Lincoln native posted a time of 13.70 to beat out a talented field of 18 hurdlers at the Florida Relays. Conner had a third-place finish in the high jump with a clearance of 7-1 (2.16m) in his first outdoor competition this season, while Rogers placed fourth in the high jump with an outdoor personal-best height of 6-0 1/2 (1.84m).

Howard to Bring Defensive Acumen, Recruiting Connections to Hoiberg’s Staff | Basketball | Hail Varsity

Howard has spent most of his coaching career in the south with stops at Morehead State, Southern Miss, Tennessee, Troy and South Alabama. He’s from Kentucky and played for Mike Flynn in high school and Darrin Horn at Western Kentucky. His wife is from Louisiana and her family is still down there, but the Howards are looking forward to a new experience.

Nebraska Recruiting: Consistent and Strong Relationships Lead Tommi Hill to Huskers | Football | Hail Varsity

There is an adjustment that Hill had to make but it doesn’t have to do with anything on the field. Being from Florida and playing a year at Arizona State he isn’t used to the seasons changing. That was the biggest surprise when he took his official visit to Nebraska in January. That didn’t end up keeping the defender away from picking the Huskers though because he thinks the atmosphere in Lincoln is ‘lovely.’

Tight End Travis Vokolek Embracing Role as Sean Beckton’s Right-Hand Man This Spring | Football | Hail Varsity

Vokolek is embracing his role as tight end coach Sean Beckton’s sidekick on the practice field. He’s still involved taking mental reps, has a play sheet in hand and is helping coach up his younger teammates. The injury situation at tight end has forced a handful of players into more action this spring than anticipated. We heard from several of those young tight ends last week that have been thrust into new roles.

WR Trey Palmer Might Need More Heat in His Food, But He’s Positioned to Add Spice to Husker Offense | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

“Trey’s fit great,” Frost said. “He fits in great because of his personality. He brings energy every single day, he’s made a lot of plays out there, he can really run. I think with some more time working with him, we have a chance to do some special things and I’m looking forward to seeing that develop.”

Dylan Raiola Set to Arrive at NU For Unofficial Visit As Nation’s Top-Rated Recruit | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

“We’re really just at a point where we just want to hit meetings up,” said the elder Raiola, 43, who’s obviously familiar with the city and the campus. “It’s Nebraska, man. We’re very familiar. Now, we want to get into scheme and system. It’s a pretty cool situation to be in, right?”


How to See the Sandhills Cranes Flocking to Nebraska | Travel | Lonely Planet

Every spring the Platte River in Nebraska is transformed by one of the world’s most amazing natural avian spectacles. Thousands of migrating Sandhill cranes make this area their temporary home from February to April on their way to their nesting grounds in the north.

A Traveler’s Guide to Ramadan | Travel | Lonely Planet

During Ramadan, areas where there are large Muslim communities will often transition to an almost nocturnal society with many businesses and shops either shortening their operating hours or closing entirely.

Antarctica: Penguins, Icebergs and a Lifetime of Awe | Travel | Lonely Planet

There were the 10 p.m. sunsets, hour-long spectacles that turned the snow-covered mountains the color of fire, then strawberry sherbet, then wet lavender. There were the thousands-strong penguin rookeries — you can hear and smell them before you even see them — gathered together at impossible heights, crisscrossed with “penguin highways,” paved by the tireless commute back and forth to the water below.

12 of the Best Sustainable Tourism Sights Worldwide | Travel | Lonely Planet

As travel priorities shift, on top of having a great time travelers increasingly want to do the right thing by the places they visit. In this extract from Sustainable Escapes, Lonely Planet looks at how 12 worldwide tourist attractions have approached sustainability in an innovative way.

‘Revenge Travel’ Will Be All the Rage Over the Next Few Years | Travel | Huffington Post

“Many Americans and those around the world had their vacations altered or outright canceled last year, so they are all looking to satisfy their travel itch at the same time. The term is also retribution against COVID-19 and how it is losing its power to control our lives, including canceling travel plans.”

Willa Air, the Airline for Influencers, Is Going to Coachella | Travel | CNBC

In addition to the free travel, the airline’s luxury offerings include a pre-flight champagne bar and a post-festival weekend detox with IV drips, massages and a juice bar at the company’s Venice Beach lounge in Los Angeles, according to its website. The flight lasts under an hour, during which time influencers will have champagne, drinks and dessert – not to mention plenty of opportunities to collaborate with their fellow content creators.

More Travelers Are Going Solo in 2022 | Travel | Travel Pulse

Traveling solo is becoming one of the bigger travel trends to take off after the pandemic. Many people are not waiting around for friends and family to be ready to hit the road and are choosing to go on their own. According to new research from MMGY, one in four travelers plans to travel solo in the next six months with Gen-Z and Millennials leading the way.

Gen-Z Leads Comeback of Travel Planning and Spending in 2022 | Travel | Travel Pulse

Gen-Zers are leading the charge in terms of returning to travel, and plan to spend more on travel in 2022 than any other generation with 72 percent saying they intend to spend more, or at least the same amount, this year than in pre-pandemic times.

Camping and Outdoor Experiences Continue to Gain Popularity with Travelers | Travel | Travel Pulse

People are ready to travel again, but while interest in far-flung destinations grows, the desire to explore closer to home and in the great outdoors continues to hold steady. According to research from RMS North America, 59 percent of travelers plan to only travel domestically, and 48 percent of survey respondents plan on taking more road trips in 2022, up by 16 percent compared to 2021.

The Best Places to Stargaze in the United States | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

In 2021, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) designated 37 new International Dark Sky Places, bringing the total to 196 worldwide—and a whopping 129 of them are located right here in the U.S, from the Arizona desert to North Carolina’s seashore.

Flying to Greenland is About to Get a Lot Easier | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Starting June 1st, Icelandair will route its flights from the United States to Greenland’s Nuuk and Ilulissat airports directly through Keflavik International Airport. No more cumbersome transfers through Reykjavik, no more overnight layovers, and no more multiple bookings just to get to Greenland.

The World’s Oldest Dessert | Travel | BBC

Although chickpeas and beans don’t usually belong in a pudding, they are core ingredients in one of the oldest – and, some say, one of the most delicious – desserts in the world.

An Icy Mystery Deep in Arctic Canada | Travel | BBC

Known as the “Crystal Eye” to the Inuit, Pingualuit Crater was once the destination for diamond-seeking prospectors. But the real treasure is the stories its deep waters can tell.

The Rest

What Is Time? | Science | Live Science

Time is one of the few things we regard as regular and unchanging. But is it really so constant? We take a look at the physics of time.

How Many Humans Have Ever Existed? | Humanity | World Economic Forum

It’s expected the global population will hit 8 billion in 2022. This milestone has prompted researchers to work out how many people have ever existed. They estimate that 109 billion people have lived and died over the course of 192,000 years. And that 7% of all humans who have ever lived are alive today.

How Scientists Finally Completed the Human Genomic Puzzle | Science | PBS

While every living organism has a genome, the size of that genome varies from species to species. An elephant uses the same form of genetic information as the grass it eats and the bacteria in its gut. But no two genomes look exactly alike.

The Female Spies Who Helped Win World War II | History | Atlas Obscura

The women of England’s SOE fought on the beaches of Normandy, sabotaged the Nazis within France, and turned the tides of the war.

How Women — And Their Hair — Transformed South Korea | Fashion | Atlas Obscura

In 1964, South Korea—where cutting hair had been considered taboo for centuries—was exporting 474 metric tons of human hair to supply the global wig industry, putting women at the center of South Korea’s transformation from a war-ravaged society into the modern, economic powerhouse it is today.

The Rise, Flop and Fall of the Comb-Over | Lifestyle | Mel Magazine

Balding has been the constant scourge of man since the beginning of time, and for millennia, our best solution was the comb-over. This is the story of how its once-ubiquitous popularity thinned, receded and then got pushed to the side.

Northern White Rhino: Resurrecting an Extinct Species in Four Steps | Life | Big Think

Scientists at the San Diego Zoo are working to bring the northern white rhinoceros back from extinction. Their strategy centers on creating new egg and sperm cells from frozen skin cells, which has never been done for a rhinoceros. If successful, the strategy could be used to rescue other extinct or endangered species.

How TikTok Heartthrob William White’s Thirsty Fandom Turned Toxic | Drama | Input Magazine

When he shot to fame last summer, TikTok influencer William White, now 22, was treated with bemusement by the media. After all, this was a handsome young guy who’d cultivated a huge fandom of mostly Gen X women by winking, smiling, dancing, and occasionally lip-syncing to a soundtrack of ’70s and ’80s tunes.

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