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JoJo Domann NFL Draft Scouting Report

How does the hybrid defender translate to the NFL

Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

One of Nebraska’s best defensive players, Domann’s was at the top of the team leaders in tackles, sacks, and interceptions. His ability to play both outside linebacker and cornerback gave the Blackshirt defense plenty of versatility. Here is a look at JoJo Domann’s NFL Draft Scouting report looking at his strengths, concerns while projecting his future in the NFL.


Height: 6’1

Weight: 226

Hand: 9 ⅜”

Arm: 30 ¼”

Wingspan: 74 ⅜”


Trait Grade: 7.6/10 (Above Average)

Projection Grade: 6.5/10 (Backup with Starter Ability)

Projection: 3rd - 5th Round


  • Strong tackler who is able to wrap up and drag down the ball carrier.
  • Has the speed to run with tight ends and some receivers.
  • Fluid hips allow him to change directions and play in space.
  • Plays with good leverage on the edge to take on blocks and set the edge.
  • Shows good range and the ability to cover ground in zone coverage.
  • Good instincts allow him to anticipate what is going to happen and be in a position to make plays.
  • Displays good ball skills which has allowed him to break up passes and make some tough interceptions.
  • Shows patience in coverage to let tight ends and receivers make their break and allow him to react.


  • What position is he? Is Domann fast enough to play defensive back in the NFL? Can he navigate through traffic as a linebacker?
  • Not an overly explosive athlete. Has some change of direction and quickness but not twitchy.
  • Has the tendency to lose or not see receivers while playing in zone coverage


With the NFL being more of a passing league than ever, NFL teams are always on the lookout for versatile defenders. That should only help JoJo Domann who has played both nickel corner and a 3-4 linebacker during his time at Nebraska. As a nickel corner Domann showed the fluid hips, speed and anticipation skills needed to play both zone coverage but also match up with tight ends and receivers. It was Domann who was able to shut down current Steeler tight end Pat Friermuth in the red zone in 2020, sealing Nebraska’s win with a couple of pass break ups. While Domann also showed his ball skills to make a tough interception against Purdue this past year in his own territory.

As a linebacker, Domann lined up on the edge and despite being 6’1 22blbs he was able to use his leverage to lock down the edge of the line. From there Domann was able to use his athletic ability to shed blocks and make tackles. This was evident in a key 4th down tackle for loss against Michigan State while also using his speed to shoot inside and make a stop on third and short against Purdue.


The biggest question facing Domann is what position he is going to play in the NFL. Is he fast enough to play as a safety or can he handle the traffic as a stacked linebacker? Personally I believe Domann will start his NFL career as a sub package linebacker who will match up with tight ends and running backs while also playing in space. Domann has the ability to thrive in that role and the potential to develop into a starting linebacker in the NFL. But Domann’s success could really depend on the team that drafts him having a plan for how they want to use and develop him. It would surprise me if Domann was drafted in the late third round, but if not he won’t last very long on Day 3 of the draft.