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Ben Stille NFL Draft Scouting Report

How does the defensive lineman translate to the NFL

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 28 Nebraska at Illinois Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As a part of Nebraska’s defense the past five seasons Stille had a big role as one of Nebraska’s best interior pass rushers accumulating fourteen and a half sacks over that timeframe. After a productive career at Nebraska, Stille took advantage of going to both the Hula Bowl and Shrine Game to showcase his skills to NFL teams. As we approach the draft here is a look at Stille’s strengths and concerns while looking at how he projects to the NFL.


Height: 6’3 ¾”

Weight: 296

Hand: 9 ½”

Arm: 32 ⅛”

Wingspan: 79 ¼”


Trait Grade: 6.4/10 (Average)

Projection Grade: 4.0/10 (Training Camp Invite)

Projection: Undrafted Free Agent


  • Good situational awareness to know where the ball is
  • Shows the strength to create some push with a bull rush
  • Uses his hands well at the point of attack to be able to get off or past blocks
  • Consistent effort allows him to slip off blocks or work his way to make a play
  • Solid short area burst can allow him to shoot gaps or accelerate to the quarterback
  • Has enough lateral agility to get by lineman or get into the backfield


  • Struggles to anchor in against double team
  • Can get caught up on blocks and struggle to disengage
  • Not a dynamic athlete and lacks a good physical trait
  • Can get moved off his spot in the running game


As a defensive tackle Stille played all over the defensive line while at Nebraska mainly inside but did line up as at the five and seven techniques at times. Still was best used inside as a pass rusher where he could use his hands and lateral agility to get penetration and disrupt the play. Where Stille can struggle is if he doesn’t win initially or has to anchor in and play with strength he can get pushed around or struggle to get off blocks. A big part of Stille’s lack of consistent success is because he doesn’t have a good trait. Stille does some things well, but not great.


Lacking good size and physical traits will likely lead to Stille going undrafted in the 2022 NFL Draft. Stille does have enough skill to potentially be a back up in the league, but more than likely Stille will need to go to a developmental league like the XFL or USFL. There Stille can show his ability on the field and hopefully turn that into making it to the NFL.