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Thursday Flakes: The Best Movie Sequel and Most Beautiful Place in Your State

Every state has beautiful places for everyone to enjoy

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Lots of exciting things are happening now. The NFL Draft starts tonight. Corn Nation has a new commenting system. Nate is back in the United States after 4.5 months in Mexico. This time around, I will be back for five weeks doing hiking in Atlanta, visiting my brother in Columbus and sorting out a few things before I leave for Guatemala at the end of May. The weather was getting to be really hot in Guadalajara with temperatures rising to mid 90s (36 Celsius) on the day before I left. Meanwhile, it seems like I have arrived in Atlanta at the perfect time. Weather is in the mid 70s during the day and low 50s at night, which is perfect for me.

There’s plenty of good stuff in Flakes today so let’s jump right into it. How many meals do you eat in a day? What is the best movie sequel ever? What is the most beautiful place in your state? How many Huskers will get drafted this year? Let’s all navigate the new comments section together. See you in there.


Deontai Williams NFL Draft Scouting Report | Football | Corn Nation

After participating in the Tropical Bowl, Williams enjoyed a solid Pro Day to help showcase his skills to the NFL. Here is a look at Deontai Williams NFL Draft scouting Report highlighting his strengths, concerns and how he projects to the NFL Draft.

Nebraska Spring Review: The Defensive Line | Football | Corn Nation

With the transfer of Casey Rogers, the youth and inexperience of the talent remaining, and another cycle of recruiting the transfer portal still to play out, I won’t begin to speculate who beyond Robinson will be earning the starts and the playing time. For the purposes of this list, I only went with players listed as Defensive Linemen on the current Nebraska roster even though we’ll likely see guys like OLB Garrett Nelson lining up on the end quite often.

Trey McGowens is an Early Applicant for the 2022 NBA Draft | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

The older McGowens brother has not officially announced his entry or whether he intends to maintain NCAA eligibility or not, but he is officially an early applicant for the 2022 NBA Draft. Trey has played in 44 games for the Huskers, earning 43 starts. He missed a number of games this past season due to a broken foot

Mailbag: NIL Impact on College Football, Maddie Krull’s Addition to the Women’s Basketball Team and More | Football | Hail Varsity

This week we touch on a multitude of topics, including the impact that Name, Image and Likeness has in the college football world, what the addition of Millard South product Maddie Krull means for Nebraska’s women’s basketball team and which 2022 class recruits will get to Lincoln in the summer.

Padding the Stats: Nicklin Hames’ Role, Keonilei Akana’s Departure and John Cook’s Puzzle | Volleyball | Hail Varsity

When Nicklin Hames announced she planned to return for a fifth season at Nebraska, she said it would be in a new role. After four years as the team’s starting setter, it appeared as if she was ready to pass the reins to a successor, though she didn’t provide any details about what her new role may be.

Nebraska Recruiting: Rapid Changes in College Football Creates Unique Offseason for Huskers | Football | Hail Varsity

College football has always seemed slow or resistant to change. Rule changes have traditionally been slowly introduced at a rate that often left fans scratching their heads. That’s what makes what is currently happening in the sport so jarring for many. The speed that college football has undergone significant change without great structure in place can make your head spin.

Huskers to Compete in Drake Relays | Track & Field |

The Nebraska track and field team will compete at the Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa this Thursday through Saturday. The Drake Relays begins for the Huskers on Thursday at 6:23 p.m. with the men’s 3,000-meter steeplechase.

Kayla Caffey Cleared by NCAA for 2022 Season, But Still Awaits Approval from Nebraska | Volleyball | Lincoln Journal Star

The Chicago, Ill., native sat out two of her four seasons at Missouri, redshirting her first year and missing another because of injury. She transferred to Nebraska and finished her master’s degree in teaching, learning and teacher’s education. This semester she’s enrolled in classes working on a second master’s degree.

Cam Jurgens Might Be Off to the NFL, But Beatrice Is Where the Heart Is | Football | Omaha World Herald

Five days before the start of the 2022 NFL Draft, Beth Jurgens flashes a smile as she navigates through a steady line that has formed for the big guy at the table set up near the back of Uhl’s Sporting Goods. “It’s like a family reunion,” she muses.


The Most Beautiful Place in Every US State | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

The geography of America is as diverse as it is photogenic; and if you’re from here, it kind of makes you proud, knowing this is home. Picking just 52 places isn’t easy, but we polled our Facebook followers, did some digging, and came up with this list of the must-see, must-visit spots in each state.

These Are the Biggest Trends in Travel, According to Our Specialists | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

We’re finally inching toward a new normal, accompanied by a pent-up desire to travel—and perhaps no one is better equipped to help us navigate this changing world than our network of top travel specialists. We tapped them to see which trends—from top destinations to types of trips and even traveler motivations—are on the rise right now. Here’s what they had to say.

These are the Cheapest Days to Fly in the Summer | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

“It’s pretty normal to see a ‘mini shoulder season’ at the end of August, sandwiched right between the last burst of families traveling and the quick spike that happens around Labor Day weekend,” Christie Hudson says. Honing in, Expedia’s data shows that Tuesday, August 23, is the cheapest day to fly this summer, with the period of August 13 through 29 being “primetime for better summer fares,” she adds.

10 Best National Parks to Visit During Wildflower Season | Travel | Travel + Leisure

National parks wow no matter the month, but there’s something particularly special about wildflower season. Pops of purple, blue, white, and gold bring magic to some of America’s most surreal landscapes. Even better, the kaleidoscopic blooms hint to warm weather on the way. If you’re planning a trip around those spring and summer colors, bookmark these 10 best national parks to visit during wildflower season.

These Airlines Are the Most Likely to Damage Your Luggage | Travel | Travel + Leisure

Among U.S. airlines, American Airlines had the highest number of damaged bags in 2021, with 7.21 bags mishandled per 1,000 last year, and 6.30 bags out of 1,000 in 2020, according to data from the FAA. Allegiant Airlines continues to remain on top of their luggage and for the third year in a row had the lowest number of mishandled bags with only 1.92 out of 1,000 in 2021.

Switzerland to Lift All Pandemic-Related Travel Restrictions on May 2nd | Travel | Travel Pulse

The new ruling will also allow international travelers from all countries; under the current pandemic protocols, travelers from select “third countries,” or countries that are located outside of the EU or Schengen zones, were not able to enter Switzerland.

Canada Loosens More Coronavirus Restrictions | Travel | Lonely Planet

Unvaccinated foreign nationals are still not able to travel to Canada unless they have received an exemption. Partially and unvaccinated travelers who have permission to travel to Canada will still need to show proof of a negative COVID test and quarantine.

Thailand Revamps Its Coronavirus Entry Policies | Travel | Lonely Planet

Thailand will drop all testing requirements for vaccinated international arrivals starting May 1st, and will introduce two new entry schemes for travelers.

Discover Spain’s Unsung Food Capitals: 11 Culinary Cities Worth the Trip | Travel | Lonely Planet

For the last decade, each year Spain has been shining a spotlight on a lesser-known city or region working wonders with local produce and flavors and promoting its delectable gastronomy as a key tourism draw. Now, the Capital de la Gastronomia is one of the most-awaited events on Spain’s thrilling culinary calendar, bringing in food competitions, chef’s tables, tapas routes and more.

Australia’s Trail Where Life Began | Travel | BBC

South Australia’s 900km Mawson Trail journeys through sites so ancient, they’ve revealed the imprints of animals that lived 555 million years ago – likely the earliest human ancestor.

The Rest

The 101 Best Movie Sequels of All Time | Entertainment | Vulture

What we looked for from each film was the nature of its sequelness, or how much a movie builds off its audience’s preexisting relationship to a story or world. Our single rule: Only one film per franchise could appear on the list.

My Scream is Famous | Movies | The Guardian

You’ve heard me in Paranormal Activity, Free Guy and Scream. We are like stunt people, doing stuff that could damage an actor’s voice.

Should We Eating Three Meals a Day? | Health | BBC

It’s likely you eat three meals a day – modern life is designed around this way of eating. We’re told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we’re given lunch breaks at work, and then our social and family lives revolve around evening meals. But is this the healthiest way to eat?

The Revival of a Forgotten American Fruit | Food | BBC

North America’s largest native edible fruit grows wild in 26 US states, including Texas, Ohio, West Virginia, New York and Michigan and all the way up to Ontario, Canada. Yet most people have never heard of it. That’s because pawpaws have never been sold on a large scale.

Why American Teens Are So Sad | Life | The Atlantic

The United States is experiencing an extreme teenage mental-health crisis. From 2009 to 2021, the share of American high-school students who say they feel “persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness” rose from 26 percent to 44 percent, according to a new CDC study. This is the highest level of teenage sadness ever recorded.

I Lived the #VanLife. It Wasn’t Pretty. | Lifestyle | New York Times

The writer Caity Weaver’s pursuit of the manifest destiny of the millennial generation ended up looking better in the photos.

Cattle-Tank Paddling: The Raucous Nebraska River Race Where Everybody Wins | Adventure | Outside

In the heart of Cornhusker country, they know how to make their own fun. Native son Carson Vaughan drafted four friends, loaded up on beer, and did what may be the strangest float trip in the world.

VR Researchers Simulate Kisses With Ultrasonic Transducers | Technology | Gizmodo

Without adding any hardware that actually makes contact with the wearer’s face, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group have modified an off-the-shelf virtual reality headset so that it recreates the sensation of touch in and around a user’s mouth, finally fulfilling virtual reality’s inevitable one true purpose.

Last But Not Least

Does this count as a poop story? Sorry for stealing your thunder, Jill.