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Frosted Flakes: USFL Debuts, Mushrooms Talk to Each Other, and Softball’s Win Streak Continues

What is the most annoying song you’ve ever heard?

Jill Heemstra

Todd wrote a nice article over the weekend about the Husker softball team and the excellent product they’ve been putting out on the field. I usually try to listen to the games (It is great to hear Nate Rohr back in the announcer’s chair this season) when I can. The past few years, the team has not been up to their usual standards, but this year is different.

Nebraska’s win streak has reached 18 games after a weekend sweep of Minnesota. The Huskers shut out the Gophers in the first two games but possibly saved the best for last. In the final game of the series, they were down by seven runs and came back to win by three. Power hitting is powering the win streak in a big way. Any player that comes to the plate is capable of sending one for extra bases.

NU Rallies From Seven-Run Deficit to Top Minnesota, 11-8 - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska softball team (33-9, 13-0 Big Ten) tied the program record with the largest comeback in school history, rallying from an 8-1 deficit to defeat Minnesota

Frosted Flakes

Talley Breaks Hammer Throw School Record - University of Nebraska
The Sooner Invitational continues on Saturday with the Huskers starting competition at 11:30 a.m.

Nebraska Football: CB Quinton Newsome striving for more on the field, as a leader
Cornerback Quinton Newsome is working to become the leader of Nebraska’s secondary on and off the field.

Husker Men’s Gynmastics Qualifies for NCAA Finals with Season-High Team Finish - University of Nebraska
Norman, Okla.- The Huskers traveled to the University of Oklahoma to compete in Day 1 of the NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championships- Qualifiers at the Lloyd Noble Center

Huskers suffers third-straight one-score loss to the Cougars | KHGI
Nebraska dropped its series finale against BYU on Saturday afternoon, falling 4-3 to the Cougars at Hawks Field. Nebraska (13-21) had three runs on eight hits and two errors, while BYU (20-13) tallied four runs on eight hits.

All four games of the series between the Huskers and Cougars were decided by one run. Unfortunately, Nebraska was on the wrong end of three of them.

Nebraska Basketball: Huskers to host Alabama transfer Juwan Gary on official visit
A new name has emerged on Nebraska’s recruiting radar, as Alabama transfer Juwan Gary will officially visit this week.

Recruiting notebook: Akana visit, evaluation period and upcoming decisions
Recruiting Notebook for Nebraska - 4-star LB to visit, Huskers to see Knutson and upcoming decisions.

Sports, Non-Nebraska Variety

What Sports Fans Know About Friendship - The Atlantic
The most trivial things can build the strongest relationships.

Spencer Rattler says time at Oklahoma was a ‘toxic situation’ - Sports Illustrated
The quarterback transferred to South Carolina in December to take over their starting role.

The true legacy of Jackie Robinson’s Dodgers debut is complicated - Sports Illustrated
MLB’s integration 75 years ago decimated the Negro Leagues, leaving many Black players, coaches and executives with nowhere to go.

USFL Game 1 final score: Birmingham Stallions defeat New Jersey Generals, 28-24, in inaugural game
Follow along as the USFL season kicks off in the inaugural game between the New Jersey Generals and Birmingham Stallions.

Husker fans will be shocked to see that Mike Riley’s team lost a game.

Don’t look now, but Rutgers baseball might be pretty good.

WNBA players say life in Russia was lucrative but lonely
For the elite athletes in the WNBA, spending the offseason playing in Russia can mean earning more money than they can make back home — sometimes even two or three times as much. Brittney Griner is one of those players who went to Russia in recent years to earn extra money.

Another Week, Another Poop-ish Article

How your gut controls your mental and physical health
70% of your immune system sits in your belly.

Stuff to Make You Smarter

Research Suggests Mushrooms Talk to Each Other With a Vocabulary of 50 ‘Words’
The linguistic patterns used to look at the fungal electrical impulses were the same as those to decode ancient human languages like Pictish.

A day in the life of (almost) every vending machine in the world | Business | The Guardian
What’s behind the indestructible appeal of the robotic snack?

I can’t say that I share the author’s attachment to eating food served by a mechanical device.

Mirror-Touch Synesthesia, The Condition That (Literally) Makes You Feel Others' Pain | IFLScience
Ninety-eight percent of people don’t experience mirror-touch synesthesia. But for the other 2 percent out there, what is it like?

NYT once said airplanes would take 10 million years to develop - Big Think
Only nine weeks later, the Wright Brothers achieved manned flight. The pathologically cynical always will find a reason to complain.

Cracking the Code of One-Hit Wonders - The Atlantic
What separates Blind Melon from Shania Twain?

Non-Americans are sharing the ‘dead giveaway’ someone is American and they are pretty right
What’s wrong with white socks? And cargo shorts?

This $800K House Seems Like A Great Deal — Until You Learn About The Basement - Digg
If you want to buy this house in Fairfax, Virginia, you’ll have to buy it without first seeing its lower level — or the non-lease-holding resident who lives there.

Then There’s This

How Barnes & Noble Went From Villain to Hero - The New York Times
To independent booksellers, the enormous chain was once a threat. Now it’s vital to their survival. And it’s doing well.

The 20 Most Annoying Songs Ever | Mental Floss
If you don’t want to spend the rest of the week humming “We Built This City,” “Who Let the Dogs Out,” or “Wannabe,” stop reading this article right now.

You know how annoyed you get when you can’t get that one song out of your head? This article creates a playlist of 20 of them. You’re welcome.