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Friday Flakes: Trev Alberts Wants Former Players - Regardless of Their Coach - To Feel Connected to the Program

Michigan v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

A nice little nugget from 24/7’s Brian Christopherson in his Midday Mash:

“I want every former player who played here, I don’t care who your coach was...” Alberts said Saturday of how much he wants that connection to stretch. “We have certain Huskers who played for coaches that don’t feel as connected as those who maybe played for Coach Osborne and Coach Solich. If you’re a Husker once, you’re a Husker always. And so we want everybody to feel comfortable.”

This is a thought I have had for a long time. Especially, since I was in college during the end of the Bill Callahan years.

When going to a game at Memorial Stadium and they highlight some former players it rarely are players from some of the bad Callahan seasons or the Mike Riley era.

It is almost natural. We want to black out the bad years of Nebraska football if possible. There are exceptions to this thought. One obvious one would be Zac Taylor. Nebraska fans would love to see him come back in front of the home crowd.

Coaching a NFL team to the Super Bowl helps with that I would think.

With that all said, here are a few names from the Callahan era that I would love to see come back to Lincoln and get recognition from the home crowd:

  1. Marlon Lucky
  2. Cortney Grixby
  3. Maurice Purify
  4. Terrence Nunn
  5. Nate Swift
  6. Zach Bowman
  7. Brandon Jackson
  8. Corey McKeon
  9. Stewart Bradley
  10. Greg Austin*
  11. Lydon Murtha
  12. Sam Keller
  13. Andrew Shanle
  14. Matt Herian

Some of these names could overlap with the Solich era and the Pelini era.

What names am I missing?

*Oh yes.


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