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The Nebraska Spring Review: The Quarterback Room

We all have a pretty good feeling that Casey Thompson is number one in the quarterback room. Who is second? Third? Fourth?

Nebraska Spring Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Well if you were looking forward to learning a bunch about the quarterbacks on the Nebraska roster by watching the Spring Game then, as you probably already know, you were greatly disappointed.

Casey Thompson: First Up

The quarterback everybody wanted to watch was Casey Thompson. The transfer from Texas played in three series and completed three of four pass attempts for 31 yards.

It appears from almost every vantage point that Thompson will be the starter against Northwestern. That could change if some of the other quarterbacks make some big strides over the summer and into the fall.

So who is next?

Some may believe that Chubba Purdy may be penciled in to be #2 on the depth chart at this point. To be honest, he is much more athletic than I expected. He was forced to scramble a couple times and showed off some speed that I did not know he had. There is a part of me that thinks he isn’t #2 on the depth chart. He might have played so much in that first half because of his injuries. He was the perfect candidate for two-hand-touch football.

We saw more of Heinrich Haarberg and Logan Smothers in the second half where it looked like actual football.

I will be rooting for Logan Smothers. Maybe he can pull a Joe Ganz. Sit back and continue to work, then when it’s your chance you lead your team to a bowl win over Clemson.

The fact he is still here at Nebraska says more about Smothers than almost anything else possibly could.

Think about his situation. Last year he was the back-up to a four year starter. That starter transfers out. Then your new offensive coordinator brings in two transfers and one of them appears to be the projected starter going forward.

Yet, he still competes.

I know that he may announce his intention to transfer by the time this article gets published.

Heinrich Haarberg looks like the best natural thrower of the group. He can sling it. Is he 4th on the depth chart? Maybe third?

Here is my guess at a depth chart coming out of spring.

  1. Casey Thompson
  2. Logan Smothers
  3. Heinrich Haarberg
  4. Chubba Purdy

Summary of the Quarterback Room Review

While I will be rooting for Logan Smothers, I hope that whoever ends up playing can make plays and execute the offense.

Oh, and maybe go down the field and win a game in a two-minute situation.

That would be nice.