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Cam Jurgens NFL Draft Scouting Report

How does Jurgens translate to the NFL

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Coming to Nebraska as a tight end recruit, Jurgens was able to make the transition to center and work through some early snapping issues to become Nebraska’s best offensive lineman this past season. After a strong junior season Jurgens has dominated the Pre Draft process and now is looking to find his NFL home. Here is a look at the Cam Jurgens NFL Draft Scouting report highlighting his strengths, concerns and projection to the NFL.


Height: 6’3

Weight: 307

Hand: 10”

Arm: 33 ⅜”

Wingspan: 80 ⅛”


Trait Grade: 7.8/10 (Above Average)

Projection Grade: 7.0/10 (Starter Within Two Years)

Projection: Day 2


  • Elite agility and explosiveness for an offensive lineman
  • Quick and smooth lateral agility used to slide with defenders
  • Able to get to the second level quickly and with ease
  • Speed allows him to get outside quickly while pulling to locate defenders in space
  • Strong base and anchor prevents defenders from bull rushing and driving him back
  • Good initial hand placement at the point of attack
  • Plays with a nasty demeanor looking to bury defenders in the ground


  • Can struggle to control defenders allowing blocks to slip off
  • Missed on some blocks in the open field as defenders made quick adjustments
  • Can fail to locate blitzers or looping defenders in pass protection at times
  • Can get a little over his feet at times causing him to lose balance
  • Over aggressiveness led to some unsportsmanlike penalties


An elite athlete for the position, Cam Jurgens uses his combination of speed, quickness and agility to open holes in the running game and keep quarterbacks clean in pass protection. As a run blocker Jurgens explodes off the ball to initiate contact and put himself in a position to win initially. While he lacks the power to drive defenders off the ball he has enough strength to steer defenders and then seal off running lanes. Jurgens was often put on the move using his agility and speed to get to the second level to occupy linebackers or pull outside to take on defenders in space.

In pass protection Jurgens uses his lateral agility to slide with defenders but also to redirect and keep defenders at bay. With issues at tackle for Nebraska, Jurgens was even asked to drop deep and pick up edge defenders from the center position. For being just a bit undersized Jurgens does have a good base and anchor that allows him to prevent defenders from bull rushing.

While Jurgens has good initial hand placement he does struggle at times to control defenders with his hand strength which can result in defenders slipping off blocks that shouldn’t happen. Blitz awareness can be an issue where he struggled to see the defensive line playing games or a delayed blitzer coming through his hole.


Cam Jurgens has come a long way as a center prospect but at this point he is more tools than a finished product. Jurgens has some more development to do with his hand usage and blitz awareness but based on his history, that should come in time. While Jurgens could play in multiple schemes he projects to fit best in a zone blocking scheme that can use his athleticism and minimize some of his size and strength concerns. Look for Jurgens to go somewhere on Day 2 and if he continues to develop he has the potential to be a Pro Bowl center.