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Friday Flakes: The Best April Fools Joke of 2022 Came from Texas!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the tweet, but then I remembered that today is April Fools!

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

I stumbled upon this tweet from the Texas SBNation twitter account, Burnt Orange Nation, and I was just dumbfounded.

Here’s the tweet.

Burnt Orange Nation actually believes that Texas is still a better job than every school in the SEC, maybe, MAYBE, with the exception of Alabama.

I mean, I know this is the internet. There are dumb things flying all around the internet but I could not believe that somebody could have such a lack of self-awareness.

At least, here at Corn Nation, we know Nebraska football has been bad. It has been bad for a long time. I mean, it has been embarrassing.

There are many metrics to determine what makes a good college football job. Probably one of the best is success.

With that said, over the past ten seasons Nebraska has gone 62 - 60. Texas over the same ten seasons? 70-55.

But remember, we aren’t comparing Nebraska and Texas today. No, we are comparing Texas to the other SEC schools. We also need to remember that Texas’ record is in a mediocre Big 12 conference, and the records I’m going to lay out are from schools competing in the SEC, which is probably the best conference in the country.

Alabama football over the past ten seasons? 128-13.

What about Texas A&M (which I would agree is a better job than Texas)? They are 85 - 41.

Georgia: 106-28.

Oh, let’s keep going. Let’s pick a random school. Kentucky. 61 - 63. I think we are getting closer to Texas.

What about the old pal Missouri? They are 69 - 56. There it is. No, Texas not only are you not even near the top of the best jobs in the SEC.

You are Missouri.

So how could Burnt Orange Nation get it so wrong? Well today is April 1st, which is known as April Fools Day. So now it all makes sense.


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