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Nebraska Releases the Memorial Stadium Market Survey Results: Hint - Improve Seat Comfort

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The people have spoken and the results are in.

On Tuesday, the Nebraska Athletic Department published the results of their “Memorial Stadium Market Survey.”

Here is the body of the email from Athletic Director Trev Alberts regarding the publishing of the results:

Husker Fans,

Thank you to all who took the time to participate in the recent Memorial Stadium survey. Nebraska fans are the most loyal and passionate in the nation and we value your feedback and insight.

More than 21,000 responses were provided, and below you will find a link to the results of the Memorial Stadium survey. We hope you enjoy reviewing the collective thoughts of Husker Nation regarding Memorial Stadium and the Nebraska Football game day experience.

The survey responses from our fans and constituents provides us with valuable data as we discuss the modernization of Memorial Stadium and every area that impacts Husker fans on game day. We will keep you informed as we develop both short and long-range plans for Memorial Stadium.

Thank you for your support of Nebraska Athletics. Go Big Red!

Here is a link to the pdf for your convenience.

Here are a few of my thoughts from the results.

Seat Comfort

It appears that seat comfort is the number one gripe or concern for Nebraska football fans. Regarding current Memorial Stadium conditions that “could be enhanced,” 77% of respondents chose seat comfort. It should be noted that respondents could pick up to three options. The second highest option was WiFi/Connectivity at 24%.

I completely agree with this choice as that is my number one gripe. I would love it if there were some line of demarcation for each seat like small arm rests or something. Too many times I have a ticket for seat 5 but I end up sitting on seat 6 because of the size of the humans in the crowd row. That includes me as well.

The next page is “Gameday Experience.” Asking respondents what is their “most important gameday element?” Seat comfort again takes first place with 38%. Second on that list was sightline to the field with 17%. Third was seat location.

Alcohol Sold in Memorial Stadium

I wanted to include the words “sold in” because if you’ve ever been in a bathroom of a night game then you know there is a ton of hard liquor being snuck into Memorial Stadium for games.

Would that change if people could buy beer? I don’t know. Some have pointed at the Garth Brooks concert and how they ran out of beer in some sections before Garth even started. Well two things. First, the infrastructure might not yet be in place for something like this. Second, the mix of people at a Nebraska game would likely be different than that at a Garth Brooks concert. Though I could be wrong on that one.

I think alcohol being sold at the stadium in inevitable. People are already drinking in and around the stadium anyways. Maybe people drinking cups of Busch Light might be better than sneaking in a pint of vodka to mix with a Diet Pepsi. Maybe that wouldn’t change.

Interesting though is that 65% said that if alcohol were sold at the stadium that it would have no impact on their attendance. I would include myself in that group. I probably could not care less. All I care about is seat comfort.

It is notable that the 25 and under crowd state that 46% said they would attend more. Compare that to the 25-46 crowd, that number drops to 31%. The 55-74 crowd drops that number down to 8%.

The 75 and older crowd is at 3%. So three-percent of Husker fans 75 and older would be more likely to attend a game if alcohol is sold. I’m impressed.

I figured that number would be lower.

Attitude Toward Legalized Sports Gambling

I couldn’t care less. I don’t hate on it. I just don’t really care about going to Memorial Stadium in order to gamble on sports. It might be kind of a nice perk but it will not be the make or break of whether I show up.

One of the comments in the survey is that the revenue from this could help off-set other expenses and thus make it more affordable. If that would end up being true then I would be game.

Regardless. Shrug.

What are your thoughts on the Memorial Stadium Market Survey Results?