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Nebraska Baseball Schedule Changes for Both Midweek Game and Home Opening Series

Weather predictions force changes to upcoming games

If you live in the Midwest and have looked outside in the past couple days, it doesn’t exactly scream “Baseball weather!” Unfortunately this is starting to affect our favorite spring pastime.

Kansas State Midweek Game Moved

The first midweek game for Nebraska since 2019 will now have to wait an extra day. The 3-7 Kansas State Wildcats are traveling back from Los Angeles, where they played a weekend series against Loyola Marymount. Delays in their travel have led to the game against the Huskers to be moved back to Wednesday March 9th at 4:02 pm in Manhattan, Kansas. The game is still scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN+, in addition to the radio broadcast.

Long Beach State series cancelled

The biggest news of the week was announced by the Long Beach State Dirtbags twitter account. The most anticipated home opening series in quite a few years has been cancelled according to LBSU social media. The nationally ranked Dirtbags were scheduled to play on March 11th-13th at Haymarket Park in Lincoln.

With temperatures predicted to be in the low 20s by game time on Friday and mid to low 30s on Saturday, playing 3 or even 2 games would prove to be difficult, if not impossible for the weekend. Combine that with snow predicted on the expected travel day for LBSU on Thursday, and there was just too much to try and work around to get the series in.

Nebraska has not released any official statement regarding the series, or the weekend, meaning they are possibly working on some replacement games. As the schedule sits right now, the home opening series is going to be a midweek series against the New Mexico State Aggies on Tuesday March 15th at 6:35pm, and Wednesday March 16th at 1:35pm.