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JoJo Domann Shows his Skills at the Combine

Domann shows off on the field in Indy

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After seeing Austin Allen and Cam Jurgens light up the Combine we turned our attention to JoJo Domann as he worked out with the linebackers. The day started out fine for Domann as his weigh in numbers were announced. Nothing was a surprise as Domann came in at his Nebraska measurables and his size is still halfway between a linebacker and a safety.

Timed Drills

Domann didn’t do all the measurabled testing as we’ll have to wait for his 3 Cone and Short Shuttle at Nebraska’s Pro Day. In the drills Domann did do he didn’t blaze or finish as a top tester, but all things considered Domann did alright. His 4.62 speed is above average for a linebacker while his vertical leap and broad jump were only average. None of this was unexpected as Domann plays fast on the field an is more fluid than explosive.

Position Drills

Where I thought Domann would shine is in the postition drills where he could show his ease movement, especially his change of direction. Domann didn’t disappoint in the three drills that the linebackers worked on. In the wave drill Domann was excellent moving laterally showing his ability to cover ground and even caught he ball well.

After a initial slip in the bag drills, Domann was able to restart and then go off to show his changes of direction. While Domann may have been a bit slow in his back pedal he was able to flow well and show his natural agility.

Overall Thoughts

Not much changes when it comes to Domann and his NFL Draft stock. He did what was expected of him. Nobody thought he’d come to Indy and break records as his game film is where he shines the most. What Domann did is just affirm that he is a good athlete who can move in space and make plays.

Domann Setting Records