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Frosted Flakes: March Madness, Oscars (Meh), and Null Island

March Madness has delivered, but it would be nice if a Nebraska team was on the positive side...

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament - First Round - Kentucky Photo by Michelle Hutchins/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

What a weekend.

Whatever sport you were watching, you probably said that phrase.

For me, the women’s NCAA and NIT basketball tournaments were full of surprises. Four Big Ten women’s teams made the sweet sixteen but I predicted that only one would make the elite eight. I was right (I am not happy about that).

Michigan defeated the upstart South Dakota Coyotes (by three points) to claim their spot in the final few games of the NCAA tourney. The Creighton Bluejays made it to the elite eight but had to face the overall #1 seed South Carolina for a spot in the final four. Creighton was crushed by the Gamecocks, but they were still a tremendous story.

The flat, uninspired play by the Husker women in the first round of the NCAA tournament came into sharp focus for me. The Huskers have the talent to make a deep run into the Dance. Now, they need to begin building on experience to make it into the third round every now and then. I don’t believe I am unrealistic in that expectation. The Huskers have recruited top 25 classes regularly under Amy Williams. Now, they need to deliver.

I will also use today’s preamble to remind people how much the Oscars don’t matter. (Even as I recognize the irony of pointing out that the Oscars happened).

Column: Baseball & Oscars fight losing battle for relevancy | AP News
Yes, folks, dinosaurs do still roam the Earth. Come Sunday night, an increasingly irrelevant Hollywood elite — look, kids, Dame Judi Dench got another nomination! — will gather for their annual fete to an astonishing lack of self-awareness, a.k.a.

Frosted Flakes

Nebrasketball signee Lloyd updates status
Several members of Nebraska’s 2022 recruiting class, which signed in November, re-affirmed their pledges to Nebraska despite the departure of assistant coach Matt Abdelmassih.

Husker Softball Defeats South Dakota, 3-1 - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska softball game (16-9) claimed its second win of the day with a 3-1 victory over South Dakota (14-8).

DJ Samuels includes Huskers in top group
Huskers make top group for New Jersey EDGE DJ Samuels

Huskers offer rising 2023 linebacker
Huskers latest to jump in with offer for rising 2023 linebacker Ben Nichelson

Husker RB Jaquez Yant is leaner with improved explosiveness, blocking
Nebraska running back Jaquez Yant is down 20 pounds and is feeling more energized and has better stamina

Husker Softball Claims Game One Over No. 19 Michigan, 3-2 - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska softball team claimed its conference opener with a 3-2 victory over the Michigan Wolverines (18-8, 0-1 Big Ten). The Huskers moved to 20-9 and 1-0 in

Homers Lift Husker Softball to 7-4 Win Over No. 19 Michigan - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska softball team erased a four-point deficit in game two of Friday’s doubleheader with No. 19 Michigan, rallying for a 7-4 victory to complete the doubleheader

We won’t talk about baseball. Again.

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

March Madness: Creighton’s depth lifts Bluejays to Elite Eight - Sports Illustrated
Morgan Maly’s lift off the bench was enough as the No. 10 seed continued its remarkable path in the NCAA tournament.

Creighton couldn’t compete with South Carolina, but it was an amazing run for the Bluejays.

Alexis ‘Scrappy’ Hopkins drafted by Atlantic League team
Alexis “Scrappy” Hopkins made history on Wednesday when she was selected by the Kentucky Wild Health Genomes, a first-year franchise in the Atlantic League, with the eighth pick in the league’s annual Player Draft. Hopkins is expected to become the Genomes’ bullpen catcher and is believed to be the first

Where Did The Big Ten’s March Magic Go? | FiveThirtyEight
The Big Ten is underperforming in the men’s NCAA Tournament.

What Does This Spring’s Great QB Reset Mean for Future NFL Offseasons? - The Ringer
We’ve seen a number of top-tier quarterbacks change teams this offseason, and last offseason too. But is that just how the NFL works now? Or are there other lessons that teams—and QBs—should learn from this?

March Madness stars can now cash in on endorsements – but some limits set by states and universities may still be unconstitutional
States and universities have passed many rules governing what types of name, image and likeness deals athletes can sign. Most are innocuous, but three may violate their First Amendment rights.

Duke vs UNC leads blueblood Final Four with endless storylines - Sports Illustrated
It’s a Final Four so steeped in pedigree that Kansas vs Villanova is firmly the undercard.

Soccer: USMNT blasts Panama, all but clinches World Cup spot
At worst, the USMNT would fall into a one-game playoff with the champion of the weak Oceania region this summer. And only a nightmare finish on Wednesday in Costa Rica would preclude that.

Saint Peter’s Is a Miracle - The Ringer
The Peacocks aren’t just a generational underdog story, they’re in the Sweet 16 after beating a system specifically designed to defeat them. We traveled to Jersey City to better understand the odds that this small MAAC team has overcome.

The miracle ended on Sunday evening, but...what a ride!

More Noise and Other Disturbances

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