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Five Heart Podcast 271: Husker NFL Draft Preview!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 20 Nebraska at Wisconsin Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NFL draft Brian, our NFL guy here at CN, joins Greg and I for this episode of the Five Heart podcast.

It’s a NFL-based podcast where we go over all of the Nebraska players that have the potential for getting into the NFL, whether drafted or being picked up as undrafted free agents.

We discuss Cam Jurgens and how far he’s come. Brian thinks he could go as high as the second round, which is pretty astonishing given how bad his snaps were when he first started at center for Nebraska.

Cam Taylor-Britt and JoJo Domann are Husker favorites - we discuss their potential draft positions, where they might fit, and how well they could do in the league.

Austin Allen is one of my favorite Huskers to show up as one of the prospects for this year’s draft. Can the big tight end make a roster, and if so, where might he fit?

Towards the end of the show we review NFL news in general and how crazy this off-season’s been so far. Tom Brady is coming back.

Baker Mayfield is leaving Cleveland. Deshaun Watson, despite having 22 lawsuits against him, is in at Cleveland for 230 million guaranteed dollars.

That’s insane.