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Scott Frost Says Zavier Betts Is Currently Not a Part of the Team and No Comment on Thomas Fidone Injury

Well today was a bit noteworthy for the Nebraska football team.

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Well if you wanted some good news on a dreary cold day then Scott Frost was not the one to provide it.

On Thursday morning Scott Frost told the media that wide receiver Zavier Betts is “not a member of the team right now.” There was no additional context around the comment at that time.

While Omar Manning is the most physically impressive wide receiver on the roster, it was always Zavier Betts who looked like the more natural skilled member of that group. Betts’ ceiling appeared to be heading toward getting paid life changing money to play on Sundays.

Even with that, it was always curious about why we did not see him on the field more over the past two seasons. The natural talent was always there but the production was not for Zavier Betts. One might seem to think that some off-the-field issues might be a part of that but that’s pure speculation.

Fidone Injury?

Regarding Thomas Fidone, there has been the speculation that he tore his ACL again during spring practice. This rumor was making the rounds on message boards and Scott Frost was asked about it today. He declined to answer specific questions about Fidone but did say that he would address that when he knew more.

Any OL Updates?

From German born Nouri Nouilli.