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Corn Nation March Madness Contest Update

Many brackets were busted.

Syndication: The Courier-Journal Sam Upshaw Jr./Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

We’re down to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Men’s and Women’s March Madness Tournament. There were lots of upsets in both of them. Let’s take a look at the bracket standings for the Corn Nation group.

First place is matthewunger27 who picked a Richmond upset over Iowa and had Michigan in the Sweet 16.

Second place is espn85251699 (mysterious fellow) who had a conservative bracket with just one double-digit-seed upset pick in the first round (Michigan).

Tied for third place is Adam Dvorak and and ryanniles74 who both boldly picked North Carolina in the Sweet 16 (and Elite 8) along with zero 12-seed upsets. Adam Dvorak also had Miami in the Sweet 16.

We confirmed we will have prizes for the top three brackets in our Corn Nation group. First place will receive a $50 gift card (possibly for a Husker gear store). Second place will receive a $20 gift certificate. Third places receives an autographed copy of Jon’s book.

Honorable mentions go to pianoman18, Tempjay12, TThe FurmanaTTor, chris hansen33, cbergt00 and BigBub2010 for rounding out the top ten. Feel free to reveal yourselves in the comment section.

March Madness continues on Thursday. Best of luck to everyone the rest of the way.

EDIT: For legal reasons, I am required to post the official rules of the bracket contest so we don’t get sued.