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Texas A&M Corpus Christi Folds, Spindles & Mutilates Nebraska Baseball 21-4

One could take the time to do a real recap of this game, but I fail to see the point.

Nebraska lost 21-4.

Last week it looked like this team had figured out how to play baseball. They won some games, including three in which they rallied in the bottom of the ninth. Whatever progress they made was pooped down a mine shaft today as the Islanders started destroying Nebraska from the beginning.

Dawson McCarville got the start. It sounded good. He was coming off a game in which he had career strike outs, so you’d think he’d be ready to go win the series today. Instead, McCarville gave up 7 earned runs with 1 strikeout, 1 walk, and was not aided by his offense one damned bit.

Nebraska used 7 pitchers, every one of which gave up runs, lots of runs, THREE TOUCHDOWNS AND PATS worth of runs between them. The Islanders hit 5 home runs, 7 doubles, 23 hits total and 21 runs.

Nebraska’s offense managed 4 runs, 4 hits,

The defensive committed 4 errors.

I’m not sure how long it’s been since Nebraska baseball lost a game this badly, particularly at home. We will find out, then forget about it because what’s the point in remembering shit like that?

You could write this off as the team being young, missing two starting pitchers due to injury, or baseball is full of slumps and that’s what this is, just a slump they have to work their way through.

Whatever you want, man, it doesn’t matter.

Our beloved Huskers have a midweek game against South Dakota State then face Michigan at home next weekend to start conference play. They have that much time to figure out how to get their shit straight, otherwise this might be a very long season for yet another men’s Husker team.

There is no hope.

Fuck Everything.

Go Big Red.

I first said that after our opening-season loss to Illinois in football. At the time I thought the loss was a fluke, but the phrase applied throughout the rest of football season, then men’s basketball season. I hoped baseball would save us.

Nebraska has a few days to figure out what they want this season to be, young, injured, or whatever excuse anybody wants to make.