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Frosted Flakes: Olympics, Litter Cleaning Crows and Poop Tornadoes

Maybe I should have taken the entire day off rather than just sleeping in...

Around The Games - Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Day 3 Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

Flakes are late this morning but for a very good reason.

For the past three and half years, I have worked a combination of part-time jobs (that added up to more than full time work). I enjoyed all of them and learned a lot but I realized that I haven’t taken a day off in all that time.

In pandemic world, there was no traveling, so I didn’t have a good reason for a vacation. I could take time off one of the jobs, but invariably, another one needed additional attention. I’m not complaining - I got to work from home and was paid well. I just never stopped to actually take some time off.

Fast forward to today.

In one week, I start a shiny new job. Only one. I’m incredibly excited about this job as I will be working with some great people and it is something that can make a positive difference in my little corner of the world.

But for this week, I am taking some days off.

This morning, I shut off my alarm and slept in.

I’m going to do the same thing tomorrow.

And probably the day after too.

Frosted Flakes

Former Husker baseball coach John Sanders dies – Nebraska News
John Sanders, who led the Nebraska baseball program for 20 seasons, died this week at the age of 76. February 5, 2022 10:39 PM LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska

Husker Track & Field Capture Five Event Titles on Saturday - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska track and field team wrapped up the weekend’s action at the Frank Sevigne Husker Invite with five event titles and 23 individual top-five finishes on

NU Bowling Finishes Second at Columbia 300 Saints - University of Nebraska
Valley Park, MO - The Nebraska bowling team competed at the Columbia 300 Saints invitational and finished with a 5-3 record and total pinfall of 9,900, which put

Huskers add walk-on commit from O-lineman
Dylan Parrott is a walk-on you can add to Nebraska’s list of 2022 recruits. Interesting little story to go with it too. Interesting in the...

What Fred Hoiberg found to be ‘so disappointing’ after Husker hoops’ latest setback | Huskers |
Fred Hoiberg had been encouraged by his team’s competitive spirit over the team’s last four games. That went by the wayside Saturday.

Did You Know Sports Exist Outside of Nebraska?

Rachel Balkovec becomes first woman manager at any Major League Baseball level : NPR
Rachel Balkovec just became the first woman manager of the Tampa Tarpons and the first woman ever to reach that level in Major League Baseball. But Balkovec isn’t planning on stopping there.

Kamila Valieva makes history, becomes first woman to land quad at Olympics - Sports Illustrated
The 15-year-old Russian completed not one, but two quadruple jumps during Monday’s free skate portion of the team event.

Super Bowl 2022 — From Joe Burrow to Joe Brrr, the Cincinnati Bengals QB gets the people going
Cincinnati is going to the Super Bowl and they’re doing it with an unprecedented amount of swag under center.

2022 Olympics: Ireen Wüst sets Olympic record
Ireen Wüst sets a record by winning gold in a fifth straight Olympic Games.

We talk Zac Taylor and more this week as we set the stage for your Monday in the Weekly Rundown column.
A coach once on the hot seat now has his team in the Super Bowl.

Stuff That Will Make You Smarter*

A piece of a rocket the size of a school bus will crash into the moon : NPR
Astronomers predict that on March 4th, a piece of a rocket launched in 2015 will crash into the moon. It’s believed to be first time something man-made has accidentally crashed into the moon.

Bride Has ‘Slowest Walk Down the Aisle in History’ as Her Ring Bearer Pet Tortoise Steals the Limelight on Her Big Day
Vets Ericka and Jay Johnson decided they needed a very special ring bearer on their big wedding day in Arizona—pet tortoise Tom.

Kindergarten Kids Had Never Seen Snow So Florida Teacher Gets Sister to Ship a Snowman, ‘It’s Here!’
A teacher in Florida learned her children had never seen snow, and after asked her sister to priority-mail a snowman to town to show them.

The 8-year-old self-published author who snuck his book into the library : NPR
Dillon Helbig wrote a book over winter break and slipped it onto a local library shelf in Boise, Idaho. After librarians found it, they entered it into their catalog. Now it’s on a long waiting list.

*not actually guaranteed to make you smarter, although I apparently did read a lot of NPR this week...

Your Weekly Dump

Hippos in Mozambique Release Poop Tornado to Unfamiliar Hippos: New Study | Nature World News
A new study shows hippos are releasing a so-called ‘poop tornado’ when responding to the call of an unfamiliar hippo, while their response to familiar hippos is different.

Then There’s This

Swedish firm deploys crows to pick up cigarette butts | Birds | The Guardian
Clever corvids become newest weapon in Södertälje’s war against street litter