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Five Heart Podcast 264: A Review Of This Class, This Team

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Greg, Todd and I get together to discuss the results of National Signing Day. Nebraska pulled in two four-star recruits on the last day, giving them quite the number of four star recruits when you include the transfer portal players.

This is a roster that should win a lot of games.

Unfortunately, I said the same thing last season.

What’s going to be different this year?

New offensive coaches. A special teams coach.

Are the new coaches on the offense going to come together and work together as a team? Will everyone get along?

Nebraska now has seven scholarship running backs:

  • Rahmir Johnson
  • Jaquez Yant
  • Anthony Grant
  • Gabe Ervin Jr
  • Markese Stepp
  • Emmett Johnson
  • Ajay Allen

Which one of those running backs can get 1500 yards? Which one can get 1000?

Nebraska has quite the number of receivers. Which of our receivers is 1000 yard receiver? T

That and much more is what was discussed on this episode of the Five Heart Podcast!

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