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Five Story Lines for Nebraska Spring Football

I made a video commenting on Five Story Lines for Spring Football!

egad! Compared to Tyler’s extensive article, my video is for those of you with a short span of attention.

My God, there is nothing like looking at a transcription of yourself talking to understand how much you ramble on. Ha!


Hey y’all. Jon Johnston, here to talk to you about Nebraska football spring storylines, because spring is just around the corner. Seriously, it is! Scott frost will have a conference a press conference on Monday, February 28 to launch Nebraska spring football.

What are the storylines? I’m really interested in actually hearing your comments about what you’re interested in paying attention to in spring football. Maybe you’re not even interested until it fall. But you know, the it’s a way to kind of extend football and have football in our lives for a while.

I have five areas which looking at with regards to Nebraska spring football. These are probably pretty obvious, but what the hell, we’ll go through them anyway. What else you got to do? Number one is the offensive staff.You remember years ago - Bill Callahan’s first spring game? There’s probably a lot of you that don’t, because that was a while ago now. We fired Frank Solich, then everybody cheered when Nebraska came out lined up (in the spring game) in a West Coast offense. They did the shifts. I distinctly still remember that, you know, look at their shifting, and it’s not the option and everybody was upset that Frank’s offense wasn’t very good and we were losing more than we were used to.

Now we have this West Coast Coast offense and this offensive genius. How does that apply to now?

I think it’ll be interesting to see what the offense looks like. You’re probably not going to get a whole lot of it from the spring game, but the spring game is the one talking point that we have for Nebraska football, that we kind of glom as much as we can into and then and then spread it out (bad edit here, ha!) over the rest of the months until fall practice. Over the course of my travels with this sports team thing. I’ve talked to a number of coaches and a lot of metoden, the spring is their favorite time to coach. It’s their favorite time to coach because they don’t have to worry about game plans. They don’t have to worry about opponents. They don’t have to worry about talking to the press about the upcoming games. There’s no pressure to win. Imagine that. So it’s there’s just a lot of fun, and they enjoy coaching during spring more than any other time.

When you look at this offensive staff, what are you looking at? What is Mark Whipple going to bring to the offense? What’s it going to look like? Is it really going to look any different than Scott Frost’s offense? That leads us to two more things. Who are you really gonna watch? That is, f you’re gonna watch the spring game, that’s just a few hours, but it’s a few hours of glorious fun. I guessing that I am the same as everybody else. The quarterbacks, Casey Thompson, Chubba Purdy. Heinrich Haarberg, we’ve seen Logan Smothers, we’ve seen a little bit. Richard Torres is going to be new.

We had this same guy of quarterback for four years and now he’s gone. The name Adrian Martinez has been sworn, blessed, praised, every emotion you can think of. We ran through the gamut in those four years with Adrian. Now we’re going to have a new guy, probably Casey Thompson, but you never know. So what are they going to look like? How are they going to play? They’re going to be accurate? Are they going to run? Going to be fun? What are we going to hear about them? What’s their favorite kind of pasta?

Number two, the offensive line. I have made a big deal out of this over the many videos I’ve done that our offensive line was pretty offensive, and especially our tackles. What’s Donovan Raiola going to do with our offensive line? Maybe we’ll see how newcomers look, like Anthony hunt. Let’s be realistic. We won’t know till fall whether or not this staff is going to have is going to be a good staff and I’ll work together and win games, but part of this is pretending. Just go along with it. Pretend because it’s fun! Wide receivers.

We have new wide receivers. We know what our existing guys look like. But what are the new guys going to look like? I think last year spring game was down on the field. You came out of that spring game and you saw some Samori Toure. You went, “That guy. He’s a football player”, and he proved himself to be a football player during the season.What are our new guys gonna look like coming in? Dude from Trey, Trey Palmer, the guy from LSU. We have, like I’ve said in other videos, 14 scholarship wide receivers. Is anybody going to stand out?

That goes to the running backs too. We’re going to see new guys. We know what we have with our existing guys, like Jaquez Yant. Is he going to have more pressure on him? I think that’s the biggest key to this - is what is our offense going to look like? How is our offense going to perform? And have fun.

The other big key is the defensive line. I did the earlier video on the defensive line and that we don’t have a lot of depth there. What’s going to come out of that in the stories about spring is finding out who’s going to emerge, who’s going to play on the defensive line, because we’re gonna need a bunch of guys. You got 300 pound guys mashing in each other every play, and they’re going to get hurt. Who’s going to be the guys that are going to be in there. That’s my five spring storylines. I’d like to hear what you guys have to say. Certainly, if you’re even going to pay attention. I assume the since you’re watching this video, that you’re paying someone of attention to football, especially around the spring game. So let me know. I hope you’re all doing well.

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Go Big Red!