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BOOM! Wide Receiver Janiran Bonner is “N”

The Huskers flip another four star recruit on signing day


Nebraska added its 244th receiver to the roster today (OK, I might not have actually counted the wide receivers on the roster).

Four star recruit Janiran Bonner made it official. He was a Georgia Tech commit but flipped to the Huskers on signing day. This move had been rumored, but it is always a guessing game until they actually sign.

Tight ends coach Sean Beckton was the primary recruiter for the four star wideout. Bonner was rated as a top 50 receiver by 24/7 sports and the #27 prospect overall out of Georgia.

He’s listed at 6’1” in some places and 6’3” in others and 190-200 lbs. But, he fits the mold of the taller type of receiver Frost and Co. have been recruiting. Bonner is known for his speed, and is especially a deep ball threat.

In the past, Frost has indicated he wants to be able to run at least wideouts in and out of the lineup to keep players fresh during games and stress defenses. With roster upgrades and a [mostly] new offensive staff, it appears we will see a very different type of passing game than Husker fans suffered through a couple years ago.

Welcome to Nebraska Janiran!