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Frosted Flakes: Valentine’s Day, French Fry Perfume, and Husker Softball’s Season Opens

Was this year’s NFL playoff football the best set of games ever?

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Economy And Daily Life In Poland Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Happy Valentine’s Day Corn Nation! I’m not big on made up commercialized holidays, but I do like chocolate. #DarkChocolateSeaSaltCaramelsForTheWin

A big milestone here on the ranch is that the old ranch dog turns 10 today. She’s definitely getting slower and can’t knock over visitors like she used to. She’s sweet, but not much of a ranch dog. She’s scared of cattle.

She isn’t much of a guard dog either. She’d probably open the door for would-be thieves if she had thumbs. Her only means of protecting us from burglars would be to trip them as she gets in close looking for attention. I’m pretty sure she would have run off with the UPS guy by now if he invited her into the truck.

Oh, and there was a football game of some note last night. Did you recognize the trick play Cincinnati called for a touchdown?

Frosted Flakes

The Husker softball team opened the season and went 2-3 with wins against Omaha and Drake and losses to Iowa State, Northern Iowa and South Dakota State. The baseball team gets started this weekend. Are you looking forward to seeing “the boys”? Look for some season previews coming this week here on Corn Nation.

Huskers Fall to Jackrabbits, 6-2 - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska softball team could not produce the clutch hits it needed in a 6-2 loss to South Dakota State Sunday morning, as the Jackrabbits claimed the victory.

Nebraska clears way for decision on sports alcohol sales - NORTHEAST - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska football fans are a step closer to being able to buy booze from vendors at Memorial Stadium. University of Nebraska regents have cleared the way for campus leaders

Trio of Huskers Set All-Time Marks - University of Nebraska
Three Huskers posted all-time finishes at the Tyson Invitational on Friday night in Fayetteville, Ark.

Stanley Morgan reinvented himself. Now the former Husker is ‘everybody’s favorite’ Bengal | Football |
Of all the Husker ties the Cincinnati Bengals bring to Super Bowl 56, Stanley Morgan’s role perhaps least resembles what it once was at Nebraska.

Bengals’ Zac Taylor has early message for Huskers with trip to Ireland upcoming
Zac Taylor has a message for the Huskers.

Steven M. Sipple: Raiola goes by the book with teachings, some of it from Milt’s old book | Huskers |
Donovan Raiola paid $225 for “The Assembly Line,” written by former Nebraska offensive line coach Milt Tenopir. The effort is one example of Raiola’s respect for NU’s O-line tradition.

Malebana Runs Sub-Four Mile - University of Nebraska
Senior Dais Malebana clocked the second-fastest mile on a 200-meter track in school history with a run of 3:59.88 to finish runner-up at the Tyson Invitational on

Recruiting, love for Betts and ‘stand-up comedy’: Inside Scott Frost’s Omaha coaching clinic show of force | Huskers |
Nebraska’s in-state recruiting efforts have yielded mixed results the past two years, but Scott Frost and company impressed Omaha-area coaches this week.

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

I didn’t have many rooting interests in the NFL playoffs this year. I suppose that made the amazing, down-to-the-wire games every weekend even more fun to watch. What do you think? Was this year’s set of playoff games the best postseason ever? (For Rams fans it was for sure.)

Los Angeles Rams' all-in, star-heavy approach results in Super Bowl LVI win over Cincinnati Bengals
The Rams made bold move after bold move to win this game at SoFi Stadium, and that aggressive approach earned the franchise its second Super Bowl title.

I guess the “Dream Team” approach works some of the time...

Wife of Rams' Van Jefferson goes into labor during Super Bowl LVI - ABC News

Ski jump: Flying or falling with style?
Ski jumpers do everything they can to counteract the effects of gravity and fly as far as they can down hills.

Skiers struggle as real snow falls on Winter Olympics - ABC News
The Winter Olympics finally look like the Winter Olympics

2022 Winter Olympics: Erin Jackson wins historic gold medal in speedskating - Sports Illustrated
The 29-year-old American became the first Black woman to win an individual gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Super Bowl commercials - The best of this year's million-dollar spots
They cost, on average, $6.5 million. They got to be good. Or, at least, interesting. Here's a roundup of some of the top Super Bowl commercials.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Heatwave leads to historic hive meltdown inside Perth wall cavity - ABC News
When a Perth resident moved a couch in January after a heatwave, they were confronted by a thick, dark liquid dripping down the wall.

Lucky Cat Gets His Own 'Mini SeaWorld' After Owner Spends $2,400 Turning Fish Tank Into Underwater Peep Show – LOOK
Jasper the Siamese cat in Ohio has an amaing fish tank with an underwater viewing chamber. His owner Krieger built it for $2,400.

North Korea Hacked Him. So He Took Down Its Internet | WIRED
Disappointed with the lack of US response to the Hermit Kingdom's attacks against US security researchers, one hacker took matters into his own hands.

Saved: the Wordle clue that helped rescue 80-year-old woman from hostage ordeal | US news | The Guardian
Daughters of Denyse Holt from Illionois grew concerned after she failed to send them a text containing her daily Wordle score

Ghost village emerges in Spain as drought empties reservoir | Spain | The Guardian
Village of Aceredo in Galicia was flooded in 1992 to create Alto Lindoso reservoir

Street artist creates delightful 3D scenes in walls and walkways for everyone to enjoy

The science of misremembering - Big Think
It’s not a glitch in the matrix. It’s not the Mandela effect. There’s actually a scientific reason you remember things wrong.

Coinbase QR code Super Bowl ad: Crypto commercial confuses viewers
The cryptocurrency company spent its 60 seconds – and estimated $13 million on its Super Bowl ad.

5 million shipwrecked Legos still washing up 25 years after falling overboard | Live Science
A once-in-a-century wave that struck a cargo ship 25 years ago caused the worst toy-related environmental disaster of all time, known as the Great Lego Spill.

Awwww Poop

This fossilized fish skull is filled with feces | Ars Technica
Tiny scavenging worms likely ate their way into the skull and pooped out the pellets.

Braindump: A Reading List on the Future of Sanitation, Toilets, and Bathrooms
Five great bathroom reads (that you don’t necessarily need to read on the toilet).

Then There’s This

Georgia ‘body’ discovery in forest turns out to be life-sized doll, sheriff’s department says | Fox News
Sheriff’s deputies in Georgia were surprised to learn last week that what was reported to be a woman’s body found along a hiking trail was actually a “life-sized doll, complete with accessories.”

Idaho potato commission gives away French fry-scent perfume for Valentine’s Day : NPR
Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? Idaho’s potato commission is giving away French fry-scented perfume for Valentine’s Day.

Russian gallery says guard added eyes to avant-garde work | AP News
MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian gallery says one of its security guards has vandalized an avant-garde painting on loan from the country’s top art repository by drawing eyes on the picture’s deliberately featureless faces.