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Iowa Blasts Nebrasketball 98-75

It’s almost baseball season.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

At the first media timeout, Iowa led 9-7. Lat Mayen had a 3-pointer and a layup to lead the Huskers. Iowa’s Jordan Bohannan made one 3 in early going. So far so good. Nebraska needs to play tight defense on Bohannan and verge needs to boom to the ball around

Timeout at 11:40, Iowa led 22-15. Keegan Murray has 12 of the Hawk points, with one 3-pointer and 3 free throws. Iowa’s up tempo offense caused Nebraska to rush, and in doing so, our beloved Huskers started turning the ball over at a higher rate. When Fred took a timeout, Iowa was on a 10-0 run over the last 1:48. Murray had all 10 of the points in the run.

The run continued to 17-2 over 3:52 as Nebraska missed two layups and an easy bucket missed by Derrick Walker. Then it extended to a 19-2 run over 4:57 as Nebraska missed shots, opportunities and turned the ball over repeatedly.

At 7:59, Iowa led 33-19, hitting 5 of their last 7 field goals. The TV announcer dude says Iowa is known for big runs. Nebraska isn’t helping themselves, again, with bad possessions, rushing, turnovers and going back to where they’re bad - failing to move the ball around generating assists. Iowa is ahead 12-0 in points off turnovers.

EGAD! Nebraska missed so many shots at the rim.

At 5:50, Trey McGowens received a Flagrant one technical foul for elbowing Joe Toussaint in the face on a drive to the hoop. Iowa led 37-21.

At 4:18, Hoiberg took another timeout as Iowa led 44-21. Hawks with another 9-0 run over the last 1:31, and 14-2 run over the last 4:04. Conversely, Nebraska had a scoring drought of 2:02 and was 2 of their last 10 field goals. Keegan Murray had 21 points, as much as the Nebraska team.

Half - Iowa led 53-25.

Nebraska lead this game 15-11 at one point, then Iowa went 42-10 the rest of the half. Iowa at half is 19-0 points off turnovers, which is really depressing.

I remain in favor of retaining Fred Hoiberg. Perhaps I’m insane, but I believe he needs more time to retain the core of a team, build experience, find more big men and a true point guard. I don’t see anything better on the horizon.

This isn’t about the $18.5M buyout. I don’t really see anywhere we can go where it’s going to get better.

So many Husker fans lamented about Scott Frost getting fired (because we have to include football references when we talk about men’s basketball because we don’t really care about men’s basketball), stating, “Who else will take this job?”, when, really there are plenty of people who would take the job.

That is not true in men’s basketball. This is a program where that question applies more than anywhere else in the Big Ten.

Who else would take this job?

Second half:

More of the same. Nebraska went on a 10-0 run at one point but mostly the game looked like a pick up game by both teams.

At that point it was 78-53.

Iowa looked largely disinterested. Fran McCaffrey might have been playing Wordle. I wondered about how to make crispy chicken wings.

Someone gave me this response:

Baking powder with spices of your choice. Line a cookie sheet with foil and place a wire rack on top. Place wings on the rack and bake at 425 for 45-60 mins, flipping the wings half way thru.

I think I’ll try the baking powder today. I haven’t done that yet. I have an air fryer. Perhaps I’ll try some wings there, too.

Here’s another one:

Baking powder, cook at lower temp for the first 30 or so to render the fat, then raise the temp to crisp said fat.

Iowa held the ball at the end of the game rather than score 100. Very sporting of them, even though there were a few boos from the Iowegian crowd. Can’t blame them.

Iowa’s Keegan Murray had a new career high with 37 points.

For Nebraska, Derrick Walker had 14, Bryce had 11.

Another loss.

It’s almost baseball season.