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Five Heart Podcast 306: The Volleyball Night

Jordyn Senstock

This week on the show, we have a surprise guest as we are joined by Corn Nation’s volleyball writer Beth Merrigan to discuss Nebraska Volleyball’s exit from the NCAA tournament.

Greg, Jon, and Beth discussed:

  • Nebraska’s fast start
  • Oregon’s raging comeback
  • Substitution issues in the 4th set
  • The race to the finish in the 5th and deciding set
  • Injuries and the difference in play with no Kenzie Knuckles
  • Transfer Portal?
  • Where is volleyball heading on the national platform? Can we do away with 10am matches?

Beth brought a ton of great insight and answered questions from our live audience. And it went over so well that we’ll have her back, and have other Corn Nation guests to discuss other sports we don’t talk about as much.

Of course, Greg and Jon were there to help you navigate the Husker football offseason, the comings and goings, as it were. New defensive coordinator and what that means. Also, Jaquez Yant is in the portal. Mixed emotions on that as Greg thought he has a lot of untapped potential, but it was also a DEEP running back room.