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Nebraska Volleyball is Out of the NCAA Tournament

Oregon Defeats Nebraska in a five set match

Nebraska 2 vs Oregon 3- 25-14, 24-26, 25-22, 30-32, 15-11

It was a roller coaster match. You could not predict the result if you only watched the first set. Nebraska was firing on all cylinders until they weren’t. They were in full control but Oregon adjusted through the match and Nebraska did not.

Madi Kubik stared the match with a big block on the left side. There were a couple communication errors early where someone made a great dig and no one went for the second ball.

Oregon began subbing hitters trying something new in the middle and then the right side. Nebraska block and floor defense responded with blocks and digs. NU held the Ducks to .083 hitting percentage in the first set.

Set two began with a whole different feel with an ace serve by Mimi Colyer for Oregon. That was followed by a long rally which Lindsay Krause ended with a booming shot from the left side. Passing changed for Nebraska in a negative way. More passes were off the net and communication errors continued.

Nebraska’s serving continued to cause trouble for Oregon and give the Huskers key points. Late in the set 17-20, Kubik delivered a low to the net, hard driven serve that aced Oregon. Nebraska also converted in long rallies as well as after a tough dig.

Still on the Kubik serving run, Kubik dug a ball off her chest, Hames lunged for the ball, got it to Ally Batenhorst who swiped it off the Oregon block for a point. Converting off a great dig is a huge momentum shift and is palpable to anyone watching. Oregon gave you their best shot and you found a way to score.

Set two continued back and forth until Oregon ultimately won 26-24. Nebraska lost this very close set after passing and communication errors.

Blocking picked up for both teams in the third set. This close set was defined by a few more blocks and a few more service aces for Nebraska. Nebraska won by three, 25-22.

In set four the balance of the Husker offense seemed to make the difference. Six Nebraska players had double digit attempts and three of those players had double digit kills. It was close at the end 24-24, 25-25 all the way to 30-30 until Oregon pulled 32-30 win.

Nebraska ran out of subs in set four and Anni Evans and Maisie Boesiger had to play front row and that left the whole team out of sorts. The final point was lost when a ball landed on the Nebraska side of the net near a few players but no one going after it. The team was certainly not in rhythm then.

Nebraska was very tight in the fifth set, making very few kills and add to that there were errors. At the end of this set Coach Cook switched to the 5-1 offense with Hames setting. It was too late with Oregon leading by too much at that point. Nebraska a valiant run with Hames on the service line but ultimately Oregon won 15-11.

Nebraska ends the season 26-6.

The rest of the day is filled with other regional finals. Check all the scores at